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The new Q3279VWF AOC monitor will be very large and very cheap

AOC has just presented a new monitor that combines the mythical “B” three. The new AOC Q3279VWF is a computer monitor with a 31.5-inch screen, 2560 x 1440 pixel resolution, AMD FreeSync technology and a really cheap price for the specifications you have. It looks like high-resolution panels are getting cheaper.

It seems that at last, the computer monitor industry has finally awakened from its lethargy. Not only in terms of the resolution. Also in terms of the size of the screens being sold right now. Thus, until recently most of the sales were focused on 24 – 27 inch monitors with Full HD resolution. More and more monitors with larger sizes than 30 inches are being seen at higher resolutions. Yes, I understand that not everyone can have a desk large enough to accommodate monitors larger than the 24-inch standard a few years ago. But what do you want me to say: higher resolutions than Full HD at 27-inch or less will force you to deal with the scaling of the image so you won’t go blind reading the tiny text on the screen.

The new AOC Q3279VWF will feature a 32-inch diagonal MVA matrix. With a resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels. A resolution that, having already personally tested it on other monitors of similar size. It’s just the right way to avoid having to touch the desktop image scaling when reading texts on the screen. The static contrast of this matrix is 3,000:1, an excellent figure if we look for authentic black colors.

To prevent tearing of the image when playing, the AOC Q3279VWF supports AMD FreeSync technology, with a maximum refresh rate of 76 Hz. The only thing you don’t have is height adjustment for the screen. Although given the size of it, unless you are very tall I do not think you will need it.

As for the video inputs, the monitor is quite well equipped. Since it has a VGA input, a DVI-D DL (Dual Link, an HDMI and a DisplayPort.

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