Elfinbook 2.0 microwave suitable notebook for $14.99 @lightinthebox

Be it as a pupil, student or employee, notes and key points are made everywhere and almost everywhere you get annoyed about wasted paper or lost sheets. With the environmentally friendly ELFIN notebook, this is a thing of the past.

ELFIN Notizbuch

The ELFIN notebook is 17 x 25 x 1 cm in size and weighs about 270 grams. According to the official description, the notebook is made of stone. After a short, ignorant research: Stone paper actually exists and, unlike normal paper, is not made from cellulose but from calcium carbonate powder and resin and is therefore more environmentally friendly (and more resilient). Another environmental issue and what makes this notebook so special is its reusability. The stone paper pages are written with a special pencil, which can then be erased, wiped away or removed by warm air.

The ELFIN Notebook 2.0 is now completely renewable in the microwave (only the 2.0 version!)! Just put the whole notebook in the microwave for a few seconds and all the notes are removed. There is also a matching video:

However, if you need to use your notes for a longer period of time, there is a suitable app for the notebook, which scans the pages appropriately and saves them in the smartphone. The margins of the pages play a role, so that the scanned documents are always adapted to the same scale and are easy to read. You can also share your documents more easily or store them in your cloud.

ELFIN Notizbuch App


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