CHUWI Corebook: a new powerful tablet PC

CHUWI is currently planning the next crowdfunding campaign. This is about the CHUWI Corebook, a powerful tablet PC that can withstand the 12.5 inch version of the Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air and also surpasses the CHUWI Surbook.

CHUWI Corebook: a new powerful tablet PC

The manufacturer was already very successful with his first Indiegogo campaign for the CHUWI Surbook. The chances that the CHUWI Corebook will also be able to jump into production are good.

CHUWI Corebook: a new powerful tablet PC

The CHUWI Corebook does not provide much information. From the already known data, some conclusions can be drawn, however, whether these are indeed true, we can not of course say.

Data for the CHUWI Corebook

The tablet PC, like the CHUWI Surbook, should be available with a keyboard and is apparently also a surface clone. This is indicated by the stand, which is characteristic of the surface, on the back of the tablet.

So far it is known that the tablet is to be installed an Intel Core M3-7Y30 CPU, which belongs to the 7th generation (Kaby-Lake architecture) . For comparison, the predecessor (Intel Core m3-6Y30) was installed in the first batches of the Xiaomi Mi Notebook Airs 12.5 “.

CHUWI Corebook: a new powerful tablet PC

Meanwhile, the Intel M3-7Y30 is also available in the smallest and cheapest version of the Xiaomi notebook. The statement “Brand new” is probably more of a marketing factor, the CPU comes from the middle of 2016. However, the mobile CPUs of the 8th generation are not yet presented, as far as it is (still) the latest CPU in its class.

An additional graphics card is rather unlikely. It is to be assumed that the inter CPU integrated graphics chip Intel HD Graphics 615 is used.

CHUWI plans with lush 6GB of memory. It is to be hoped that the manufacturer in this case back on energy-saving LPDDR3 RAM back, which is however not yet known. In addition,  128GB eMMC 5.1 memory.

CHUWI Corebook: a new powerful tablet PC

Also to the Akkukapacity of the Corebook were not given yet. It is, however, known that 12V / 3A almost batch will be implemented . According to CHUWI, this is to ensure that the time when you drink a cup of coffee is to be charged so much that the battery is enough for half a day. This could, as with the Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air 12.5″ mean that 50% battery power in about 30 minutes are feasible.

Compared to the Surbook (12.3 inches), the Corebook is equipped with a fully-laminated 2.5D, 13.3 inch display . However, this “solves” only with FULL HD, a step backwards – a pity. With this display size is a resolution with 1920 x 1080 pixels but still acceptable.

2.5D means that the corners of the display are slightly rounded compared to the 2D display, which should provide a better haptic feeling and is more of a marketing thing. 3D displays are completely rounded displays, as for example in the Samsung Galaxy Edge variants.

CHUWI Corebook: a new powerful tablet PC
New is also a touch-ID sensor, which strongly reminds of Samsung

While some of the product photos can be interpreted as interfaces, however, CHUWI has not yet made any official statements, and it is hoped that the manufacturer will be using a sufficient number of universal interfaces.

When the CHUWI Corebook is actually available, the Chuwi Surbook has lasted about three months between the end of the campaign and the delivery of the first devices.

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