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GoPro Hero CHDHA-301 Review: Cheap action Camera for $63.08 @Tomtop

Action camera of GoPro are popular, but expensive. The new Hero CHDHA-301 surprises with its low price – does it keep what the good reputation promises?

A success story that began on the beach: About ten years ago the Californian Nick Woodman was about to shoot himself while surfing. Because he was dissatisfied with the available camcorders, he developed his own video camera – the GoPro Hero was born. In the meantime, the name GoPro is synonymous with action cams, those small and robust video cameras, which play every fun. Outdoor fans can film and photograph from the palm of their hand, attach it to the body with a belt, fix it on a helmet, or ride a bike, car, motorbike, skateboard and, of course, on the surfboard. There are hardly any limits to the imagination, the cameras in the format of half a cigarette box really fit everywhere.

Thanks to the minimalist features, the handling is also easy: With the wide-angle lenses of the action cams, it is sufficient to position the camera roughly in the desired direction, there are no zoom and exposure settings. Then press the recording button – and the video is already on the inserted memory card. The new entry-level model of GoPro is simply called Hero, without the usual number behind it. The cheap GoPro allows the mini-display to choose between Full HD and smaller resolutions, much more options are not available. No “real” display with preview, no WLAN for remote control via smartphone. Except for USB the device offers no further connections, so for example also no HDMI socket for the connection to a television. The good thing about the meager equipment: The device is not a current emitter. As a result, the battery kept 173 minutes, which is longer than the batteries of the other GoPros and most competitors.

The scope of delivery is spartanic: hardly any mounting accessories are found in the box. Apart from adhesive pads for the helmet and smooth surfaces, nothing is left. You have to buy straps or brackets for bicycle and motorcycle handlebars. After all, the accessories offered by GoPro and accessories manufacturers for the GoPro family are huge.

At first glance, it is clear: in this price class no competitor topples the image quality of the Hero. The sharpness is good, colors draw it quite neutrally, only in the dim light disturbs picture noise. Movements, she shows something more blurred than her dear siblings. It does not dance – as with cheap action cams usually usual – blocks through the picture, if you ride with the mountain bike across a meadow. The sound is useful when the rear wall of the permanently installed underwater housing is exchanged against the supplied open back wall. Nevertheless, in order to present all-round action videos, you have to dubbing the strips.

The equipment is Spartan, which is however also positively evaluate: Who has ever lost in the menu of a more expensive GoPro, is glad about the few adjustment possibilities of the simple Hero. The quality does not abort, with the Hero can be amazingly good Full HD videos turn. It is even close to the more expensive siblings and is priced at comparable competitive prices.

GoPro Hero CHDHA-301 Specifications:

Product type Action Camera
Series GoPro Hero
Resolution total 5 Megapixels
Resolution effective (photo) 5 Megapixels
Sensor type CMOS
Sensor size 1 / 2.5 “
Video recording Full HD, HD
Framerate at Full HD 30p, 25p
Framerate at HD 60 fps, 50 fps
Lens type Ultra Wide
Luminous intensity 2.8
Selectable field of view ultra wide
Image stabilizer type without image stabilizer
Display type LCD
Storage medium Memory card
Supported memory cards micro SDXC, micro SDHC, micro SD
Display aspect ratio 4: 3
Recording time 2.5h
Connections USB
Video file format MPEG-4 AVCHD (AVC / H.264)
Video Resolution 1920 x 1080p (30fps), 1280x720p (50fps), 1280x720p (60fps), 1920x1080p (25fps)
Photo file formats JPEG
Resolution 2592 x 1944
Audio formats AAC
Audio Feature Mono, recording gain
image formats 16: 9 (widescreen), 4: 3
Burst rate 10/2 pictures / sec
lapse interval 0.5 s
Upload Service without
Equipment Control light, microphone, control indicator
recording program Photo function, series images, SuperView, timelapse
Recording Function QuikCapture
Focus function Autofocus, spot measurement
Outdoor function waterproof (with housing), weatherproof
Waterproof to 40 m
Exposure modes Automatic (P), Auto Low Light, Low Light
White Balance Program Automatic, Custom, Sunlight, Daylight, Light Bulb
Backlight Correction automatically
Supported operating system Mac OS X 10.8, Windows 7, Windows 8
Power supply Lithium ion battery
Battery Capacity 1,180 mAh
Tension 3.8 V
Delivery Quick-release buckle, USB cable, rechargeable battery, underwater housing, camera, LCD display
Weight 111 g
Colour Gray

Now, If you are interested in it, you can buy it just for $63.08 at Tomtop.com use coupon  GPCM6


The GoPro Hero delivers crisp action videos at a great price. It draws colors naturally and also masters fast movements quite well. The mini-display is difficult to read in the fixed-mounted underwater housing, there are only a few video formats to choose from and there are no other USB ports. Good: The battery time was above average in the test with 173 minutes.

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