AllCall W1 Short Review

Probably, the manufacturer AllCall does not seem familiar since it is a Chinese brand that is just beginning to earn a name in the industry. The company specializes in the creation and marketing of smartphones, smartwatches and accessories for these equipment, and today we introduce you to one of its flagship watches.

This is the new AllCall W1 a smartwatch attractive design that implements a panel AMOLED of 1.39 inches courtesy of Samsung , it operates under the operating system Android Lollipop 5.1 and features the best – known health sensorsto measure your physical activity. Today we will talk about him in this analysis of the AllCall W1.

Who is the AllCall W1 for?

The AllCall W1 is ideal for those looking for a cheap, elegant and very complete smartwatch in everyday use. It is a very attractive watch that will give you the functions you need to get the most out of it, being able to be aware of the notifications that arrive on your mobile and the most accurate data about your physical activity .

Who is NOT the AllCall W1?

However, if you are looking for a camera smartwatch, the KingWear GT88is a great option given its incredible low price. And if what you require is a much more modest watch, the U8 Smartwatch Watch might be right for you.

And if you want to make the AllCall W1 cheaper , the Electronic GearBest portal makes it very easy. Specifically, you only have to take advantage of the current flash offer – limited to 500 units – where you can take it with an interesting 29% discount , leaving its price at $89.99 while this promotion continues:

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Design and Panel

How does your design section stand out?

In this section, we see a very attractive and elegant watch , made of high quality stainless steel anticorrosive materials . It has two variants: deep gray ( gray ) and silver ( silver ), while its belt this time of leather – will now be much more durable. Its dimensions are only 27.50 x 4.80 x 1.40 cm and its weight of just 66 grams , that is, it is super comfortable and light.

What does the box include?

The box includes the following: the AllCall W1 watch, a screen protector, an integrated 400 mAh battery, the Micro USB charging cable and an instruction manual . In short, everything you need to get the most out of it from day one. What advantages does your 1.39-inch panel offer? This is a 1.39-inch touch panel that, thanks to its AMOLED technology – courtesy of Samsung – allows you to reproduce colors that are clearer and more intense while saving energy. It has a resolution of 400 x 400 pixels and adds up to 50 unique interfaces under the clock mode from which to choose when viewing the time.

Processor, RAM and Storage

Main technical specifications

At a performance level, it is worth mentioning the implementation of the Quad-Core MTK6580 processor operating at 1.00 GHz , accompanied by a 2 GB RAM and a non-expandable storage capacity of 16 GB , being ideal for storing contents under the Android Lollipop 5.1 operating system . In short, it has the performance necessary to carry out the most usual tasks of the day without problems.

Features and Special Functions

What’s new with the new AllCall W1?

In this analysis of the AllCall W1 could not leave aside the multiple health sensors that incorporate, which will allow you to know in detail information about your heart rate, sleep hours, steps and other useful information about your physical condition.

In addition, it has the well-known functions of receiving notifications from the smartphone in real time with respect to applications, social networks, messaging and incoming calls, as well as making calls, sending messages and playing multimedia contents like images, songs and videos.

Autonomy and Connectivity

How much autonomy can I expect from your battery?

On this occasion, the new AllCall integrates a battery of 400 mAh capacity which, according to official data, will give us an estimated up to 2 days of use of the watch .

What connectivity options does it offer?

The connectivity options of the AllCall W1 are summarized in its support for 3G networks through the single slot for Nano SIM cards , Bluetooth 4.0 connection to pair with Android and iOS devices , Wi-Fi to connect to the network, GPS positioning system ,microphone and speakerphone for calls.

Conclusion, opinions and where to buy the cheapest AllCall W1

To close with this analysis of the AllCall W1, say that it is a smartwatch contained in price and with specifications that make it ideal for the average user. It has a very attractive design , a high resolution AMOLED panel , all the health monitors you need and a very affordable price in the pocket.

And if you want to get the AllCall W1 cheaper, in this GearBest flash offer – limited to only 500 units – you can take it home for just $89.99 but only if you buy it before this promotion comes to an end or the units in stock are exhausted.

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