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V3 Action Sports Camera with 2″ LCD Screen 4K 16MP Camera

Until a couple of years ago to think that it was possible to get a camera below the $100 that will record video in the highest quality of the moment became something almost impossible. Today the advance of Chinese manufacturers has generated that it is even possible to acquire options with good resolutions, minimum size and connectivity even below $30, such is the case of the V3 Sports Chamber.

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The V3 sports camera is a device of Chinese origin that tries, like many colleagues in the sector, to follow the same trend of design and performance that made popular in the past years to GoPro. With a size that goes inside the palm of the hand, it is feasible to get recordings up to 4K quality and connect wirelessly with the smartphone.

Rectangular design in several colors

As shown by the images, there is not much to highlight as innovative in the design of this Sportcam V3, since it has chosen a rectangular format that includes on the back side the touch screen and the front to the sensor with a simple power button.

Available in several colors, black, white and yellow, it is important to note that the dimensions of the equipment are only 5.92 x 2.98 x 4.10 cm, while the total weight is 58 grams. It can also withstand immersion in the water without any risk of damage, although it must previously be inserted in a transparent housing that arrives in the purchase package with a lot of accessories.

Main Hardware

Although the majority do not have much knowledge regarding the internal components of this type of devices, the Camera of action V3 ensures to operate from a chip Allwinner V3 that has been created specifically to process this type of activities and to get the maximum advantage.

Also, the screen chosen corresponds to an LCD panel with a size of 2 inches that ends up occupying almost all of one of its faces due to its small dimensions. From the same you can observe in real time what is being captured, as well as the images or videos already stored in the internal memory, and of course, configure the various technical parameters available.

It is also important to note that the chosen battery has a capacity of 900mAh and gives autonomy of between 70 and 90 minutes to record in Full HD quality (recharges via microUSB port), while there are no ports to include a microSD card up to 64 GB of storage and micro-HDMI to directly play content to any TV or monitor.

How to record the V3 sports camera

Sportcam V3 works from a 16 megapixel CMOS sensor with optical zoom and viewing angles up to 170º , which makes it possible to achieve recording results with a maximum quality of 4K and reach 60fps images per second.

The most interesting thing about this cheap camera is that at no time falls below 30 fps as many other alternatives do when it comes to 2.7K or 4K. In the case of down to traditional 1080p or 720p, it is feasible to upload up to 60 fps.

On the other hand, videos can logically capture the sound thanks to the incorporation of a microphone and there are many configuration options like white balance mode to get the best result according to lighting conditions, capture timer, motion detection , loop recording, and so on.

Price and availability of V3 Sports Camera

To buy this V3 Action Camera it is possible to do it from online stores very reliable, such is the case of Tomtop.com that sells at a price of only $23.79 with free shipping to several countries around the world.

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