Huawei Mate 10 Vs Mate 10 Pro, Which one is more worth buying

Solely on these three points, I definitely choose huawei Mate10 rather than Mate10 Pro!

Under the much-anticipated, huawei Mate10 finally launch in autumn which held in Munich, Germany. the same as the exposure,the huawei Mate10、 Mate10 Pro and porsche customised version released tonight. Contrast carefully, such as appearance、 hardware, I immediately have three absolute reason, let you choose to buy huawei Mate10 rather than higher configuration huawei Mate10 Pro.

First, only huawei Mate10 have fingerprint identification

It is easy to find, in the choice of fingerprint identification, huawei Mate10 and huawei Mate10 Pro is different. Because huawei Mate10 Pro adopted 18:9 full screen design, in order to ensure a high enough proportion, fingerprint identification buttons will be moved to the back, the same as the most comprehensive screen mobile phone.

But for the author who has been used IPhoeni, often put the phone on the table. positive fingerprint identification is the true love. Huawei Mate10 using more conventional 16:9 screen, while screen accounted for less than huawei Mate10 but also more than 80%, and the full screen is not so attractive, but positive the practicability of fingerprint identification is higher, and due to the existence of the Home button, remove the huawei LOGO, positive and concise.

Second, the 3.5 mm headphone jack

Thought huawei Mate10 and huawei Mate10 Pro will follow the current trend, after adopt the Type – C interface, also can cancel the traditional 3.5 mm headphone jack. But on the huawei Mate10 survived.

Including most flagship such as,Samsung, Apple, Millet mobile phone has been dropped 3.5 mm headphone jack, although by one headset tieline can solve things, but still feel trouble. Separate purchase of a Type – C interface headphones, also can slant on the price is expensive, especially some headset enthusiast, tuen a heap of headphones in the home, but due to the interface using the trouble, I still prefer more conservative.

Third, poor.

There is nothing to say. Huawei Mate series has been huawei positioning of the highest mobile phone, the price is not cheap.

Huawei Mate10 sold for 699 euros, huawei Mate10 pro 799 euros, difference among nearly 800 yuan. Refer to huawei Mate9 situation, where domestic also won’t less the price difference.

As for huawei Mate10 pro than huawei Mate10 advantage, of course, is the full screen and 6 gb memory and a higher waterproof IP67, etc., but huawei Mate10 also has a higher resolution screen. Other hardware including camera basic consistent. Overall, the current android 4 gb of memory is fine, plus front fingerprints and 3.5 mm headphone jack, huawei Mate10 is the best choice for me.


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