Blackview S8 Short Review

The Blackview S8 is another smartphone, which is based on the design of the Samsung Galaxy S8. Not only the name “S8” clearly refers to the Korean model, the design is modeled after Samsung. Like the Infinitiy display, the Blackview S8 is said to have no edges to the left and right of the display. The edges up and down around the display should be just a few centimeters wide as with the S8.

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Display 5.7″ display with 720 × 1440p, pixel density 282 ppi
Processor MT6750V / WTC octa core 4×1.5 / 4×1.0GHz
Graphics chip ARM Mali-T860 MP2 / 520/650 (T) MHz
Main camera 13MP + 0.3 MP Dual Camera
Front camera 8 MP + 0.3 MP Dual Camera
Battery pack 3180mAh
Features Dual SIM, Dual LED Flash, USB Type-C, GPRS, EDGE
Operating system Android 7.0


The Blackview S8 is a large mobile phone with a 5.7 inch display and is therefore suitable for users looking for a smartphone with a large display. The first advertising pictures of the manufacturer advertise with very small edges on the top and bottom and no edges on the right and left. Usually, the advertised advertising images of the smaller Chinese manufacturers turn out to be an exaggeration. However, with the Cubot X18 and the Vernee Mix 2, we already had a few veritable smartphones in the low-price segment with edgless design in the test lab. In reality, there will be quite a border around the display, which, however, is actually much smaller than with ordinary mobile phones.

The display is an ordinary HD display with a resolution of 1440 x 720 pixels , which works with IPS technology. The pixel density is 282ppi, slightly below the retina value observed by Apple. The Blackview S8 is probably not exactly flawed with a messy image. With a size of 5.7 inches, a full HD panel would be much nicer. How good the picture quality is in practice, however, still has to be waited. If it is otherwise a good panel, should be despite the somewhat lower resolution still a good picture come about.

As far as the installed processor is concerned, the manufacturer is silent. Since the smartphone in the beginner price range is at the start, we expect the well-known Mediatek MT6737 Quad-Core processor with 2 or 3GB of RAM and 16 or 32GB of memory. These are, however, only assumptions. Also the advertising video of Blackview gives no information to the smartphone.

What is already known, however, are the cameras of the smartphone. Blackview will equip its S8 with 4 cameras – two on the front and two more on the back. The dual dual camera setup is intended to provide the user with beautiful standard shots on both sides of the bokeh-shot function of an Iphone 8 or Xiaomi Mi6 provide. We can, however, at this point already with 99% probability predict that the second cameras are dummies and the mobile phone wants to sell a blurred circle in the middle of the picture as a bokeh effect. So what is so far with any low budget mobile phone with dual camera. Whether the 13 megapixel camera of the front but will make nice standard shots, can not be judged at this time. We will find this in a detailed test.


Although the manufacturer advertises the Blackview S8 with the slogan “Do something different”, the mobile phone is surely no new market. However, this is not bad and no one expects the smaller Chinese manufacturers to re-invent the smartphone world. We would be pleased if the Blackview S8 became a beautiful edgeless design with small edges and otherwise good processing and liquid running system. Whether the mobile phone in this respect can be satisfactory, we will present after the detailed test report. It is still necessary to wait for the publication of the complete product specifications.

You can buy Blackview S8 at for $149.99


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