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OnePlus 5T: Here’s the rendering of the new smartphone coming in. Display ” borderless ”?

A new version of OnePlus 5 could change as soon as possible to change the aesthetic aspect of the company’s current top range. Some renders have appeared on the net and show a device that wants to keep up with the novelty of the competitor.

OnePlus 5T might be more true than ever and the rumors of the last few days just make it all about it. We are talking about a clearly unprompted terminal that is currently “reigning” in the dreamers world of designers or those who would like to see a much more attractive smartphone than OnePlus 5 introduced a few months ago. Here’s what appears on the Net image of the front of a hypothetical yet unrealistic OnePlus 5T with a display similar to what other manufacturers do without frameworks.

In this case, Samsung’s Galaxy S8 looks really embarrassing, but it’s clear that making a smartphone today is not easy. The new hypothetical OnePlus 5T, however, would completely change from the look of previous versions by abandoning the Front Home buttonand above all by increasing the display surface while still keeping ergonomically comfortable size. Featuring the classic power and power buttons on the frames, then the volume bar, but also the button to modify vibration or put the phone in silence that has always been smartphones OnePlus.

According to the indiscretion then this new OnePlus 5T should become even slimmer with an aluminum body that is so much like the users of the company. Unfortunately, there is no detail about the technical specifications of this new version that even for some might be the one of the future OnePlus 6 which, if it were, could come on the market in many months by changing the cards on the table.

In this case, it is clear that the current hardware compartment might be old and OnePlus could shake the technical card with the introduction of the new Snapdragon 845 , allowing Qualcomm. Much more mystery about this new Chinese device, though it is clear that many would like to make OnePlus an important aesthetic change in order to be able to compete with the other producers, who have already turned to the edge of the “borderless” design “.

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