Xiaomi Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner Review

The Xiaomi suction robot was one of the most popular Xiaomi products this year. Around a year after the release of the first model, the “Roborock Sweep One” follows, which in turn introduces improvements, but also innovations, but is not directly attributable to the Xiaomi product line.

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The Xiaomi suction robot in 2nd generation?

Already at the sight of the design of the Roborock Sweep One one might think that it is a successor of the first Xiaomi suction robot. In fact, it is, however, a Crowfunding-financed suction robot, which is not produced and distributed directly by Xiaomi, but by Roborock. If you take a look at the official Mi website, you will not find any information on the Roborock Sweep One, despite the recent release.

The similarity of both models comes from the fact that Roborock already produced the Xiaomi suction robot, but this was marketed by Xiaomi itself. This approach by Xiaomi is not unusual, the electronics giant has already produced products from a wide range of producers in the past and has only been provided with the Mi logo. With the Roborock Sweep One you get a product without the Mi logo, which is however based on the quality standards of the original Xiaomi suction robot.

product size

New design and higher suction power

Well, so much has not changed in the design now. The suction robot is still round and still has a typical white housing with an orange accent. It is noticeable that the Ragefinder has migrated towards the center on the top of the device and the suction robot is now equipped with 3 newly arranged control buttons.

Also available is the comprehensive sensor technology, which includes a 360° laser sensor or rangefinder, several infrared and ultrasound sensors, a gyroscope, an e-compass and an acceleration sensor.

The suction force has also increased. The suction power of the first  Xiaomi suction robot was still at 1800 Pa. The Roborock Sweep One is 2000 Pa. At the same time, the capacity of the removable dust container was increased. This now holds 0.48 liters, which is 0.6 liters more than the original Xiaomi suction robot. Carpet edges should now also no longer be doomed. Here, the threshold height has increased to 2 cm (compared to 1.5 cm).

Wiping function

A comprehensive innovation is the wet wiping function of the Roborock Sweep One. For this purpose, the suction robot is delivered with a small water container including microfibre wiping cloth. Attached to the bottom, the Roborock suction robot can suck and at the same time wet wipe. The wiping time with a tank filling can be 45 to 60 minutes. For easy cleaning both the tank and the wiping cloth can be separated separately from the suction robot.

Smaller charging station, same app

What is striking is the much smaller charging station of the Roborock Sweep One. This gives you more room when placing the station, but at the same time the suction robot has to navigate more precisely to the charging station. However, the first reports from China report that the autonomous navigation of the Sweep One is extremely accurate and that the device with the “Return to Home” function is in no way inferior to the older Xiaomi suction robot.

The capacity of the battery is 5200 mAh and is sufficient for a 2 1/2 hour running time, which approximately corresponds to the cleaning of a 250 m² flat. What is surprising is that the app control continues through the “Mi Home” ap, although the Roborock suction robot is not actually a Xiaomi product. However, there are no new features for the app. The app can be used to configure schedules, to manually control the suction robot, and to graphically display the room plan created by the sensor system.

Price and availability

The Roborock Sweep One vacuum robot is unofficially known as “Xiaomi Suction Robot 2”. In China, the unit costs about 2499 yuan, which is about 318€. A publication date is not yet known, however, the first import shops have already included the suction robot in your assortment, so a sale is expected in the coming weeks.

You can buy this item at GearBest.com for $499.99


In November, the sale of all foresight will really start. The suction robot is currently priced at ~ $559.99, but this will probably change again. We have already secured a test copy and will test it as soon as it is here. Until then, we keep you up to date on this article. What do you think about the new Xiaomi suction robot?

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