Furibee H9R Short Review

Furibee H9R

Although the action cameras have gained relevance in recent years through important manufacturers such as GoPro, the presence of new brands of Chinese origin have been key for users with less economic possibilities are able to get good models. Today the 4K is already present in all areas and there are options like Furibee H9R that reduce costs well below $100.

Furibee H9R is an action camera capable of recording content in 4K or Full HD with great fluidity, all while its reduced design favors its transfer to any type of outdoor activity without jeopardizing its proper functioning. Although logically there are some limitations related to its affordable price , the end result is really positive.

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Features of Furibee H9R

Dimensions 7.00 x 8.00 x 8.00 cm
Weight 137 grams
Colors Black
Chip Sunplus 6350
Sensor 170º Wide Angle
screen 2 inch LCD
Video (25fps), 1080p (30fps), 1080p (60fps), 720p (120fps), 720p (30fps), 720p (60fps), 720p (240fps)
Photography JPG 12M
Battery 1050mAh
Connectivity Wifi
Ports USB 2.0, microSD
Contents of the box 1 x Waterproof Case, 2 x Flat Surface Mount with Adhesive, 1 x Hook Buckle J, 1 x Rucksack Clip Mount, 1 x Remote Control, 3 x Saddle Mounting Saddle, 1 x Band 2 x adhesive, 1 x cleaning cloth, 1 x transparent back door, 1 x bicycle mount, 1 x mount 1 x 1 x metal cable loop, 3 x plastic cable loop, 2 x adhesive, 1 x

Design equal to the rest

Furibee H9R

Furibee H9R enters inside the palm of the hand

It is already a rule in this type of highlighted models that their design does not have elements that differentiate them from the rest. Thus, this camera again takes on a rectangular style with a completely black color and a small LCD screen on its rear face that equally occupies almost the entire surface.

This panel is 2 inches with a resolution of 320 x 240 pixels, more than enough to determine in real time what is being captured or visualize the contents stored in the internal memory. There are two physical direction buttons on its side that allow you to navigate your interface without using tactile commands and another superior to start / stop recording.

Finally, the overall dimensions of Furibee H9R are 7.00 x 8.00 x 8.00 cm, while its weight is 137 grams. Its commercialization does not forget an external shell that allows it to withstand without problems the contact with the water up to 30 meters deep.

Recording in any situation

Furibee H9R

Top Features of Furibee H9R

The purpose of these devices is not only to take a camera with you without taking up a lot of space, but also to have the necessary amenities for extreme activities. In this case, not only its already mentioned case favors water sports such as surfing, but also the great variety of mounting accessories that come from the factory extend its usefulness to ski, paragliding, mountaineering, cycling, and much more.

In technical terms, the sensor used for the occasion has an amplitude of 170º, meaning that it captures almost everything that is happening ahead, while the combination with a processor Sunplus 6350 contributes to an optimal quality when it comes to definition of color and image definition.

For lovers of 4K, results are achieved at a rate of 25 images per second, ie sufficient for most activities. However, in case you do not need so much resolution or want maximum fluidity in sports that run at high speed, you can always go down to Full HD up to 60 fps or even reach 720p HD at 120 fps .

Do not forget connectivity

Furibee H9R

Furibee H9R has a mobile app

Despite its affordability, there are also options for those who do not want to plug their Furibee H9R via cable to the computer. And is that content transfer can be achieved wirelessly by just installing the official App of the brand that is already available on Android and iOS phones.

As if this were not enough, the Wi-Fi pairing with a phone is 10 meters, thus achieving compatibility with remote control functions . You no longer need to be behind the camera to start recording, pause or end at the exact moment.

Finally, do not forget to include a 1050 mAh Li-Ion battery that promises an autonomy of approximately 60 minutes of continuous recording in 4K (and a little more as the resolution is lowered and/or deactivated the Wi-Fi connection). In short, it amazes how it matches almost all its specifications and hardware components with the already analyzed EKEN H9s.

Availability and price of Furibee H9R

To buy the Furibee H9R is a good moment throughout October, because in stores like Gearbest has reduced even more affordable accessible price. From October 5 to 16 you will find a significant discount, while every day from 9:00 UTC only 20 units are sold with an extra $10 discount.

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Furibee H9R is an action camera capable of recording content in 4K or Full HD with great fluidity, all while its reduced design favors its transfer to any type of outdoor activity without jeopardizing its proper functioning. 

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