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The new Leagoo S8 make the difference in the market

The new Leagoo S8 and S8 Pro mobile phones are due to come on the market. And with them is going to produce a change of trend in the market. Because from now on, phones with large screens but size and price content will begin to be the most common models in mobile stores.

We can not deny it because we have been asking for it for years: having mobile phones with a big screen on its front. But, at the same time, take up little space in our pockets. And if above, its price is contained and could be bought if you have to sell your wife and children, then better than better.

So far, it is true that we have seen mobiles that had a large screen on the front. Minimizing the lateral frames of this to the maximum. The latest Samsung models are a good example of this. Or the famous Xiaomi Mi Mix (the 1 and the 2). And they can not be deprived of the merit of being pioneers in the sector. But … prices have always been far above what the most common mortals can afford.

The new Leagoo S8 video shows a tremendously capable terminal

The manufacturer Leagoo has unveiled a video in which we can see in detail the electric performance of new Leagoo S8

It is clear that the manufacturer did not want to leave anything to chance. Starting with its screen, manufactured by Sharp. And able to show the same range of colors as the Samsung Galaxy S8. Although I also have to remember that there will be two screen sizes:

  • One of 5.72 inches (mounted on the normal S8) with 1440 x 1080 pixel resolution
  • Another 5.99-inch (mounted on the S8 Pro) with a resolution of 2160 x 1080 pixels

The electrical performance I have referenced before, especially helps the huge amount of RAM that equip both versions. Thus, the normal S8 model mounts a not inconsiderable 3 GB of RAM. While the Pro model raises this amount up to a stratospheric 6 GB of memory.

And since I’m talking about memory, I will not fail to mention that the normal model assembles a ROM of 32 GB internal capacity. I guess they can be expanded by micro SD card. While the Pro model assembles 64 GB of memory SanDisk eMMC 5.1, that will give us the best performance in the transmission of files between our computer and the mobile.

The batteries of the new S8 will also be large

To move so much screen space, more than decent batteries are required. And this is what equip the new Leagoo S8 in its two versions. The normal model will mount a battery of 2.940 mAh, manufactured by LG. Which gives us the highest quality in this aspect. For its part, the Leagoo S8 Pro will mount a slightly larger battery, 3,050 mAh, also manufactured by LG. In both cases, the batteries will be fast charging, although in the first case will be 5V2A, while in the second will be 9V1.5A.

The new Leagoo S8 can already be booked at a price of $169.99 for the normal version . And $299.99 for the Pro version. I can not forget to mention that Leagoo has a promotion for the launch of these two phones.

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