Jumper EZbook 3S laptop ultrabook 6GB RAM, 256 SSD and FullHD screen for $278.01

EZBOOK 3S Jumper

Jumper EZBOOK 3S, this is one of the most powerful notebooks on the market

Buy Jumper EZbook 3S at lightinthebox.com for $278.01

It is normal that, when we are going to buy a laptop, we also want to get the most power in the market without having to pay a lot of money. A very difficult to get value ratio. But that does not mean it’s impossible. In fact, we have an excellent example in the recent Jumper EZBOOK 3S, a laptop that was just put on sale in Chinese stores and we can already buy with minimal cost.

Why do we say it is a very powerful laptop? Just check that the power available is very high, much higher than the equipment that can be seen in the Spanish shops. Start by saying that the screen is 14.1 inches, with Full HD resolution and IPS. Add the processor, which is an Intel Celeron N3450 quad-core to a power of 1.1 GHz. However, the clock frequency can reach 2.2 GHz at the most demanding times. Intel Turbo Boost Technology is available , which will be activated when required.

Let’s continue with the power, looking at the 6 GB of DDR3 RAM, and that guarantees optimum performance in almost all situations. This aspect would not do without a good hard disk, in this case an SSD with capacity of 256 GB. Solid-state disks allow a high read and write speed. If you need additional storage space, the computer itself has an expansion slot in which you can insert MicroSD cards with capacity up to 128 GB. Note that these cards are not included in the package.

Multimedia capabilities are eye-catching. Highlights include the Bluetooth 4.0 interface, the HDMI output and the front camera with 0.3 megapixel quality. Not much, but enough to make video calls and photos with a minimum quality.

The technical power is completed thanks to the operating system installed, which in this case is a Windows 10 Home. This version does not have all the features that could offer the operating system itself, but the right ones so that we can use the laptop, without problems, in a domestic environment.

All the features that are included also consume little energy, being prepared so that we can use the computer in mobility, without having to worry about the battery. The latter has a power of 10,000 mAh, guaranteeing a standby autonomy of between three and five hours. You can also use the power cable.

The power of the Jumper EZBOOK 3S is remarkable, with a processor that can with almost anything, a RAM to store dozens of programs at the same time and, more importantly, a hard disk SSD that will facilitate the reading and writing of contents No problem. With the cost that has the value for money is unmatched.

A design on par with the power

EZBOOK 3S Jumper

Considering the power of the Jumper EZBOOK 3S laptop, we wonder if the design is on par. We can say yes. The important thing of the structure of a team of this type is that it can be transported with ease, while functioning in perfect conditions at those times when it is needed. No matter if you have to run dozens of applications at once.

Buy Jumper EZbook 3S at lightinthebox.com for $278.01


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