Syma X15 with 6-axis Gyro RC Quadcopter Drone for $26.99

The company Syma, famous for the X5 and X8 series, has been building various RC models for many years. Among them are also many multicopter from the categories toy and hobbies. The Syma multicopter is characterized by a great price / performance ratio. The new Syma X15 Quadrocopter is available in three different versions, as in many earlier Syma models. The Syma X15 has no camera, the Syma X15C has a 1 megapixel camera and the Syma X15W has a 0.3 megapixel camera with FPV function. All other features and features as well as the size of all models are the same. The new X15 series is similar to the X5 series and significantly smaller than the X8 series. It is a great and attractive drone for beginners. You get a lot of drone for a low purchase price.

SYMA X15 RC Quadcopter - RTF

Camera and FPV

As already mentioned, only 2 of the 3 X15 variants have a camera. The X15 has neither camera nor FPV function. The X15C has the best camera of the 3 variants, it has a 1 MP camera on board. The X15W has a weaker 0.3 MP camera but also an FPV function (First Person View). With the FPV function, the live image of the camera is sent in real time and via WIFI to the pilot’s smartphone. The matching app is free for iOS and Android. Thanks to the transmitted live image, the Syma X15W can be controlled from a cockpit perspective. You can decide before you purchase what you want to do with the drone and can decide depending on the purpose for one of the three models if they agree. With the cameras of the X15C and X15W one can already have great first experiences with Kameradrohnen collect.

Features and features

The Syma X15 models are equipped with six-axis gyro to provide stability in the air. Thanks to built-in barometers and sensors, all three variants can be suspended independently, keeping their height and position at the same time. This is perfect for beginners and allows for better aerial shots. The X15 models can start and land at the push of a button. You can control the X15 Quadrocopter with the supplied remote control or by using virtual flightsticks in the app. However, the control with the remote control is more precise and direct. 360 ° flips can also be carried out at the touch of a button, which looks spectacular. The integrated headless flight mode is suitable for beginners as they do not have to pay attention to the current flight orientation in this flight mode.


The duration of the 450 mAh strong battery is about 7 minutes, which is usual in the price category. The battery must be charged for approx. 120 minutes before the flight. It is worth to buy replacement batteries if you like the Syma X15 Quadrocopter. The dimensions for all 3 versions of the X15 Quadrocopter are 220 x 220 x 50 mm. The radio range is approximately 50 meters, while the FPV range of the X15W is about 30 meters. The drones from the house of Syma are reliable multicopter and are characterized by a particularly good price-performance ratio. The X15 variants are a good choice for beginners, but advanced users will also have fun with these multicopters. If you do not want a camera you can opt for the cheapest version (X15).


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