OUKITEL K8000 smartphone with the most durable battery on the market


We are tired of hearing about batteries. Of the poor of its duration. From what little has evolved one of the most important parts of our smartphones. Seeing how other components have been developed, the battery year after year is falling behind. And it is a nuisance with which some we do not finish to conform, to have to load the mobile daily.

While it is true that some firms are betting to provide their terminals with a few batteries. It still does not seem to be enough. OUKITEL intends to end this debate once. And it presents the OUKITEL K8000, a smartphone with one of the largest batteries in history.

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A mobile that lasts 5 days without uploading is not science fiction

Up to five days in duration promises OUKITEL with its K8000. You remember those mythical Nokia that made us forget even the last time we charged the phone. This smartphone is proof that you can equip a phone with bigger batteries . With the K8000 the autonomy will not be a problem for you. Can you imagine going away for the weekend without carrying the mobile charger?

But this smartphone is not just battery. OUKITEL has wanted to equip a huge battery with a phone that will also draw attention to more things. The new K8000 will feature a panel of 5.5 pugadas HD AMOLED LCD manufactured by Samsung. The screen is the component that most battery consumes in our smarpthone. That is why OUKITEL has opted for one of the screens with less consumption on the market.

As always we comment, only the mAh are important, also the optimization of the device is fundamental. OUKITEL is clear about this concept, and has opted for an optimized system of energy saving based on Android 7.0. With a management of energy consumption that will avoid unnecessary battery expense.

OUKITEL will not go unnoticed considering your specifications. With a mono-body body with a metal alloy finish that gives it distinction and elegance. With 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage it is clear that we are not talking about a “smartphone”.

OUKITEL K8000 a great battery … and much more


As for the camera, the K8000 is not far behind either. It has a dual rear camera of 16 Megapixels + 2 Megapixels. And a front camera for selfies of 13 Megapixels with opening of 80º for wide angle. Powerful cameras that give this K8000 a reason to become a revelation.

A team as powerful as its battery. Running with an Octa-Core Cortex A53 at 1.5 GHz delivers performance and solvency capable of everything. The new member of the OUKITEL family has arrived making a lot of noise. And it will make us forget about other smartphones to look at him.

As we see OUKITEL gives us a further sample that it is possible to increase the performance of a device. And it should not take three years to see how a smarpthone grows. In RAM, in storage, in processor, in camera and even in battery. The K8000 is called to achieve great achievements.

If it only serves to make other manufacturers think that it is an advantage to include more battery capacity, the users will have been worth it. A smartphone from which we should not have to be aware of their load or always carry the charger over. All this without leaving aside a careful design and some qualities in the very dignified finishes.

What did you think of OUKITEL K8000? A lack of important data like the price and its dimensions seems that it is a smartphone more than complete. A phone that stands out as few in the midrange. And that would have even more expectations if we talked about another firm. Without a doubt an ideal terminal if you are looking for power and autonomy.

Buy Oukitel K8000 at Gearbest.com for $189.99


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