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Xiaomi Mi AI Speaker now available for $82.99: cheaper, smarter, better?

Xiaomi goes with the new Mi AI Speaker on collision course with Amazon Echo respectively the associated service Alexa. This is currently (still) not available in China, where Xiaomi probably sees his chances.

Xiaomi Mi AI Speaker

The smart loudspeaker is around ~ 60€ in the price class of an Echo Dots. With the size of 8.80 x 8.80 x 21.16 cm. it is rather the counterpart to the Amazon Echo (8.35 x 8.35 23.5 x cm) , which is a lot more expensive with 180 € – one clear battle on the part of Xiaomi.

Buy Xiaomi AI Bluetooth Speaker at Gearbest.com for $82.99

What’s in it?

The Xiaomi Mi AI Speaker is equipped with two speakers, which should ensure an “excellent” sound.

Xiaomi Mi AI Speaker Driver
The two loudspeakers are installed on opposite sides

For a perfect response of the echo clone, Xiaomi has installed six microphones, which should ensure that voice commands from every direction are perceived.

Operation and functions

The loudspeaker has a control element, which is mounted on the top of the Xiaomi Mi AI speaker. This is surrounded by a LED ring , which is illuminated in blue , but which can also change the colors. The whole reminds very strongly of Amazon’s echo.

Xiaomi Mi Speaker System service

In addition to W-Lan and DLNA, Xiaomi has also missed the speaker also a Bluetooth chip – the speaker can also be used as a simple Bluetooth box.

On smart functions the Xiaomi Mi AI should be able to do much, which is also possible with Amazon Alexa, as for example:

  • Schedule appointments
  • Music Control,
  • Answer questions such as weather forecast, traffic jams or translations
  • Control of smart home appliances (eg  Yeelight )
  • Save notes

Xiaomi is developing for the Chinese market its own counterpart to Amazon Alexa or Google Home, which is probably not at all interesting for the European market at first. On request at GearBest, however, we were told that the Xiaomi Mi AI Speaker will support different languages, although it is probably the best time to wait, since the loudspeaker also starts with a beta phase in China.

Whether the Xiaomi Mi AI Speaker, similar to the GGMM E5 or Eufy Genie, can also be used with Amazon Alexa in the future, is not yet clear. If there is news, we will inform you!

Buy Xiaomi AI Bluetooth Speaker at Gearbest.com for $82.99

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