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Xiaomi ROIDMI 3S Car charger with FM transmitter for $11.99

The Xiaomi ROIDMI charger has yet another feature in store: it offers the possibility to send music to the sound system in the car via a built-in FM transmitter.Xiaomi Roidmi 2S

Buy ROIDMI 3S at Gearbest.com for $11.99

The ROIDMI is compatible with Android and iOS; the app with the name Roidmi Driver is available for both operating systems also in English. Music you play as follows: You connect your smartphone via Bluetooth with the charger, then you set on the radio  96.4MHz and let the music run. There is also an LED indicator that indicates the status of the Bluetooth connection.

It is already noticed in some shops that not all car models or their power supply sockets are compatible with the gadget; according to Tinydeal, this seems to concern most of the Japanese models. In addition, as is often the case with Xiaomi, there is a Chinese and an international version ; you should also pay attention to this when ordering. The versions differ on the one hand in the operating instructions, which is also available in English only in the international version; in addition, the international version has a CE marking. Apart from the two points, however, they do not differ, and the Chinese version is also usable in German cars.😉

Xiaomi Roidmi connection
Caution: Not every power supply socket is compatible.

The experiences are far apart, as is also a look in the comments below. In this case, you should check how the on-board electrical socket looks in your vehicle.

Buy ROIDMI 3S at Gearbest.com for $11.99

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