Anker LC40 LED flashlight review

We would like to dedicate the first LED flashlight from Anker called LC40 today, because Christmas is just around the corner, and as every year, the question is in the room: What to give to friends, siblings and dear parents. Especially with my parents I am always hard to find something suitable, because either they already have it, do not need it or is much too expensive, so I can not afford it. But today’s torch from Anker could be the solution to the problem. At least this year!

anchor lc40 flashlight on engine block

First of all, the question arises: Why should a flashlight be a good present? Quite simply: The LC40 is the home and courtesy lamp. Every household needs at least a flashlight, even my parents know. That is why a good MagLite was bought some 20 years ago. And that was it. The fact that the technology has developed further and modern flashlights are true flak-headlights compared to the old glow-bulb funks has been skilfully ignored, since “the modern Schnickschnack is much too complicated”. But this is where the LC40 from Anker comes into play.

Anker LC40 with good battery-battery concept

The flashlight of Anker is favorable, it is simple and it is bright! Thanks to a good battery concept it can be operated with a powerful lithium-ion battery of the standard size 18650 or with household AAA micro cells, three of which are plugged into a battery and then pushed as a whole into the lamp. So it is even for people who are not flashlight freaks, possible to operate the LC40 with batteries from the supermarket . Of course, the runtime is shortened by use with batteries, but it is always enough to light up under the sofa or let the dog out in front of the door.

This is complemented by simple operation . On the back: flashlight on. Again pushed through: out. To switch through the three modes  light, dark and stroboscope, a light pressure on the button is sufficient. Although I am not personally the fan of the stroboscope mode, because it comes from the military field and, at least to me, rarely the possibility to be used sensibly. But you can annoy or frighten people, so for one or the other but meaningful.

anker cree led flashlight

Anker flashlight in the switched off state

According to the anker, the lamp is also equipped with a walk in the rain and can withstand falls of 1.5 meters without blessing in time, so it can also be used outdoors. The whole in the pocket size. With almost 2.5cm thickness and 12.5cm length, shorter than most smartphones and from the thickness, it is not so much to a wallet with a few cards and small money in it.

Now to the exciting part: The brightness. Anker indicates this with a maximum of 400 lumens. This probably means less to most people. In comparison: the largest MagLite with a total of six D-batteries (yes the very big ones!) With the old light bulb barely 136 lumens. Is however nearly half a meter long, 5cm thick and with batteries nearly 1.5kg heavy, So roughly 10 times heavier than the anker flashlight. So the LC40 is more than bright enough for everyday life and with a light weight of around 100m one comes usually also far enough. Due to the well-designed reflector, the light beam is very even and has no artefacts, as is known from the old MagLite. This is how we summarize: simple operation: check; Simple power supply: check; Very handy: check; Very bright: Check!

anchor lc40 in use

anchor lc40 flashlight

anchor torch cree led

So in my opinion ideal for the house use! Of course for the price of under 15 euros is not a super-high-end enthusiast lamp to be expected, as you get for maybe 100 €, but it is not supposed to be. For the price you can not expect more, especially considering that the lamp does not arrive with several weeks of shipping time from China, but is convenient at home within a few days at home and with questions, problems or defects one of the fast and friendly Support from an anker.

Anker LC40 – technical details at a glance:

  • 400 lumens
  • 2600 candela
  • 6h lighting time
  • 100m light weight
  • 3 lighting modes (light, dark, strobe)
  • Water and dust protected according to IP65 standard
  • Protected from fall heights up to 1.5m
  • Can be used with AAA Micro batteries or 18650 LiIon batteries
  • Black anodized
  • Measurements: approx. 12.5cm x 2.5cm

Anchor flashlight radiates downwards

Anker flashlight LC40 (switched on)

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