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There is no doubt, we are in the era of ultra-premium smartphones

the era of ultra-premium smartphones

Smartphones have evolved so much that they scare. But is it all invented? What is missing to innovate when we talk about the smartphone of the future? At the moment, almost towards the end of 2017, we can say that we are in the age of ultra-premium smartphones, but why?

Improve Autonomy iPhone 8

This is the era of premium mobile phones “over”

Do we really need the excessive mobiles that are sold today? We speak of devices like the Google Pixel 2 XL, Note 8 or iPhone X that hover around 1,000 euros to a greater or lesser extent. With this money you could buy a high-end computer to work or a very expensive bag (to give an example). However, users are willing to pay “whatever you need” for these devices, to have the best.

To many users, 600 euros seemed like crazy. To give an example, if we focus on Google, with the Nexus 4 and 5 offered mid-range terminals and good value for money. However, when the Nexus 6 came up costing about 650 euros, users said they ” were crazy “. Then came the Nexus 6P, with a similar price. And when we thought that Google would reconsider, the Pixel neither arrived in Spain and the Google Pixel 2 or XL is approaching almost 1,000 euros . Have we gone mad?

Only 3 years ago we would not have paid 600 euros for a smartphone. It seemed expensive. However, we are now ready to pay 1,000 euros. Could we pay more? For example 1,500 euros? Right now we could say no, that is impossible, but who knows what we will do in 3 years.

The technology evolves so fast that these improvements have to be paid. Right now, we could say that we have ultra premium terminals because they have more than we use and need. It’s great that they are powerful, have a DSLR camera or are protected by fingerprint sensors, but each time they will continue to innovate more and more and cost more and more, even though we do not need or use half.

It is a reality that sooner or later we will have the smartphones integrated into the skin on our wrists … I do not want to think about what the ” smartphones of the future ” could cost, for those who could only be a few years …

How much do you think high-end smartphones will cost in 3 years?

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