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MAZE Alpha X announced: 6 inch 6GB RAM smartphone

The trend of almost edgeless smartphones, which was launched at the beginning of the year and was recently reinforced by the Mi Mix 2, continues. The MAZE Alpha also appeared in this wave and has legitimately convinced some smartphone enthusiasts. Now the manufacturer uses Apple’s naming and presents the MAZE Alpha X.

Maze Alpha X Smartphone

What is known so far?

MAZE has already given some key data on the X version of its popular smartphone. The biggest optical change is the changed aspect ratio of 18: 9. It remains with a 6 inch display, which dissolves with the X however with 2160 x 1080 p. The panel comes from LG and is protected by Corning Gorilla glass of the fifth generation. The corners are slightly rounded, creating a seamless transition to the housing. The result is a pixel density of 401 pp, which is a very good value for a 6 “display and a  screen-to-body  ratio of almost 90% is striven for.

The MAZE Alpha has the now almost typical combination of 4 GB of memory and an internal memory of 64 GB. The Alpha X is still a drauf and draws the user 6 GB LPDDR4X RAM and optionally 64 or 128 GB internal memory. In order to supply the device with power, a rechargeable battery with 4,000 mAh capacity is used again, as it was already in the case of Alpha. However, a seemingly better display and probably a stronger CPU is used. How the energy management handles this and whether the runtime is significantly shortened by the stronger components remains to be seen. It is clear, however, that the battery with USB-C and a quick charge function again 100%.

Maze Alpha vs.  Maze Alpha X
The Alpha X seems to remain the same size, but offers a larger display

Like the Vernee Mix 2, the back of the MAZE Alpha X also consists of glass, namely the Corning Gorilla glass 4. There is however no fingerprint sensor, which is used on the front.

All a question of the processor

The big secret is the heart of every smartphone: the processor. The Alpha uses the popular Helio P25, which also delivers a very solid performance. A sensible upgrade would be the P30, which is fairly new on the market and is particularly impressed by an improved GPU. As it seems, this time no dual lens camera is used; the decision which sensor MAZE used is not yet determined. Rumors, the main camera will dissolve with 16 MP and the front camera sets to a 14 MP resolution.


The Maze Alpha, so the predecessor, was well received by you and we also classified it as a good middle class smartphone. In order to evaluate the MAZE Alpha X correctly, the basic information about the processor used and the price information is missing. But at the present time it could be a really good smartphone, which compromises only where it must. The display is probably the main eye and could be a real eye-catcher. In the targeted price class probably the Elephone S8 is the strongest competitor, which even sets on a deca core. The only criticism is for me so far the battery, with which compared to the predecessor apparently nothing has done. We are very curious when further information will follow.

The smartphone is expected to come on the market in November and be available in black, blue and silver. On the website of the manufacturer you can register to be informed about innovations. Are you already in possession of the MAZE Alpha and would you upgrade to the X or do not you get the innovations?

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