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Oppo F5 wants to become the best mobile for selfies

Oppo F5 mobile for selfies

The Oppo F5 wants to become the best mobile for selfies … do you know why? Because it has leaked and we know it will come with double front camera. But this does not end here! Because the features of this device place it in a high range, a true flagship and an SUV to take photos.

Oppo’s track record over the past few years has been flawless. Their mobiles sell quite well and are increasingly surprising more and more users. Because now, we have seen that the Oppo F5 will come with double front camera.

Oppo F5

Oppo F5 with double front camera

From what we have seen, Oppo company wants to surprise us with an Oppo F5 that is a beast. We will have a terminal with a screen ratio of 18: 9 and with the thinner bezels. From what we have seen in the filtered photos and videos, this is confirmed!

There is no doubt that the Oppo F series comes out with a great camera for selfies, so much so that the company itself announces it, as a ” self-expert “. And it seems that the new Oppo F5 would come with this feature to offer users high quality images through its front camera.

In the video, you can see the  Oppo F5 with the thinner bezels and following the new trends in design. We especially like it. But above all, we can see the abilities of the Oppo F5 when taking selfies. It makes it outstanding!

We have not told you everything, because we also expect a unique camera configuration for the rear of the terminal. That is, we will have 3 cameras in total. But the rear will come nothing more and nothing less than 20 MP and LED flash. Of course, if we talk about the front, we have two 16 MP cameras.

Your specifications have no waste

Among the other features, we expect a 6-inch screen, 6 GB of RAM, 64 GB of internal storage, a Snapdragon 660 chip and a large battery of nothing more and no less than 4,000 mAh. To this we must also add the fingerprint scanner. All a beast this new Oppo terminal.

An Oppo F5 designed for those looking for a flagship to capture tremendous selfies. Soon we can tell you much more and officially.

Via | MobiPicker

What do you expect from this new Oppo F5? How about?

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