AOL Instant Messenger will close in December

AOL Instant Messenger closes

In Androidphoria we are in mourning because the time has come to say goodbye to  AOL Instant Messenger (AIM), the well known messaging service that has decided to close the closure. As Michael Albers has confirmed today, he will die on December 15. It’s clear that everything good is over, and now, it’s time for AOL Instant Messenger, which closes its doors and stops operating as one more messaging service.

AOL Instant Messenger closes

If we go back years ago, surely you remember the Windows Live Messenger application that changed everything. Then came Facebook Messenger , Snapchat … but before all these tools,  AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) came up. But from December 15 , AIM will lower the blind and will cease to exist after 20 years in full operation by helping to communicate to people (in the 90’s came to mark a before and after).

It has been  Michael Albers himself , VP of product communication at Oath, who has revealed that it is time to close the service. This will take place in December and there will be no going back, because it is time to close. His words have been. ” The way we communicate with each other has changed profoundly and as a result we are going to close AIM definitively on December 15, 2017. ” And it is that it becomes melancholy, because surely many remember the experience using the CD of AIM . But times change, especially if technology is advancing as fast as it is now, and the way we communicate has changed dramatically.

If you use Twitter, you can dedicate a tuit with the #AIMemories hashtag  leaving your best moment with AIM. Surely you can not just stay with one. So you know, do not forget that AOL Instant Messenger will complete the closing for next December 15 . In principle, there is no back. It is a stage that they have decided to finish once and for all. What do you think about closing AOL Instant Messenger? What have been your best moments or the ones you remember most?

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