Atresmedia confirms the new schedule of The Simpsons in the aftermath of the conflict

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It is no secret to admit that in Spain there is a great conflict  between the central government and Catalonia. This fact, which many seem not to care about, is causing a domestic problem in the country very serious and the TV networks have been focused on covering it as best as possible.

Apart from political opinions that do not concern us, we come to talk about the new schedule of The Simpsons in Atresmedia . This week people have gone crazy, for days has been looking for The Simpsons in Antena 3 in their usual schedule (from 2 to 3 pm) and has not been able to see them, only a part of the program of The Roulette. Now, to cover the bump, the group Atresmedia has confirmed a new schedule and a different form of broadcast.

The Simpsons will move to Neox because of Catalonia

Following the conflict in Catalonia, the popular series of The Simpsons will now be broadcast in Neox from Monday to Friday in its usual schedule, from 2 pm to 3 pm. The weekend The Simpsons will keep their usual schedule and will be broadcast in Antena 3 as usual.

The truth is that The Simpsons continues to beat audience records and it is a historical fact that Antena 3 has deleted them to better cover your information grid.

Thousands of phrases like this have flooded Twitter this week to see the cancellation of the series in Antena 3 and the truth is that it is not for less and more when it has been covered with the program The Roulette.

Perhaps they have moved The Simpsons to Neox and not La Roulette because it is a series that knows the youngest public (although the older ones enjoy with it) and will have more tendency to move to Neox than the people of a more advanced age that does not even know these attached channels of the group Atresmedia Television.

android better than ios simpson

Remember, you can continue to enjoy 2 daily episodes of The Simpsons from Monday to Friday in their usual schedule but in Neox and not in Antena 3 as before. We would like to remind you that this series is one of the longest in TV since it has been on Antena 3 since 1994 and in 180 other countries for more than 20 years …

On the other hand also it is worth remembering that Neox will maintain the emission of The Simpsons in late schedule , the classic emission of The Simpsons to the 21.15 (Spanish schedule). This announcement has been issued by the group Atresmedia so now is no longer a rumor, for the week you can see The Simpsons in Neox and at the weekend you will still have them in Antena 3. And remember … The Simpsons always say that Android is better than iOS.

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