Amazon wants to control logistics too

Amazon, the e-commerce giant, has not stopped bringing us news in recent days. Yesterday we informed you that Amazon Prime wants to raise its price in Spain . Today, however, the news is more positive: Amazon is testing its delivery service.

Amazon wants to control the whole business

Without a doubt, the American company leads the online sales of the world. However, it still has a weakness: Amazon depends entirely on outside companies in logistics . But it seems that this is getting closer to its end. Amazon wants to control the entire process with the aim of offering a more satisfying experience to users.

In addition, the company is willing to streamline deliveries while minimizing the stock of warehouses. In this way, by fully controlling the supply chain, Amazon can optimize the storage of the products and, in addition, send them in real time to the buyers.

At the moment, Amazon is testing this new service in the United States. A big bump for United Parcel Service Inc. and FedEx Corp .; both companies were responsible for the distribution and delivery of Amazon products in the country. If implemented in Spain, Seur and Correos would be the most affected companies.

The service in question is called Seller Flex and, in addition, to distribute Amazon’s own products directly to users, it also seeks to expedite the deliveries of products from the marketplace managed by Amazon.

A service that buyers had been asking for for a long time

Seller Flex responds to one of the most requested requests by users to Amazon for years. It is not uncommon to find messages from users pointing out that a product has arrived broken; something that Amazon has nothing to do with, but that significantly worsens the shopping experience.

Thus, if Amazon finally implements its own logistics service, the company would control the whole chain; from the receipt of the products in their warehouses, to the delivery of the same to the customers. Seller Flex would be a great qualitative leap for the American company. It seems that Amazon has a very good future ahead.

What do you think of this movement on the part of Amazon? Do you think it will work?

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