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Samsung Galaxy A 2018: infinity display and integrated Bixby

Galaxy A 2018 design

Samsung always follows the same system for the Galaxy A (Alpha), integrate features of the Galaxy S series of the previous year. This year, the Samsung Galaxy A5 of 2017, added to the mobile panorama a great model based on the Galaxy S7 that left everyone stunned. We have analyzed the Galaxy A5 2017 thoroughly and we have concluded that it is a great smartphone but the next year will be great.

The Galaxy A 2018 has been filtered through GSM Arena and seems to be loaded with interesting new features such as the Galaxy S8’s Infinity Display and the dedicated button for Bixby, Samsung’s virtual assistant.

Galaxy A 2018 rear

The Galaxy A of 2018 will be Galaxy S8 decaffeinated

This makes us think that both Galaxy A5 2018 and Galaxy A7 2018 will have an Infinity Display but perhaps with FullHD resolution and a similar diagonal. Having a screen of this type is a good decision and that will mean that Samsung will be able to compete in price against the other mid-range offering something really premium.

In addition to that, it is also possible to see in the captures that there is a dedicated Bixby button under the volume buttons to launch the virtual assistant, an assistant who, to come in the 2018 A, should then speak Spanish and be already useful really, something that has not been while staying in the Galaxy S8. Did you know that Bixby could also reach the Galaxy S7 with Oreo? Here we talk about them.

As for the other improvements we can also appreciate a fingerprint reader centered under the simple camera (something that is appreciated) with a better placement than the Galaxy S8 and that could be great. Of course, there will be no iris reader.

Galaxy A3 2018 may not exist or be different

As for the Galaxy A3 2018 these features are not going to be possible, with a much smaller diagonal and, more importantly, a lower price. It will not be possible to see such an economical model with an Infinity Display.

The Galaxy A3 could also mount a normal screen or be discontinued to fill its vacancy with the new Galaxy J of 2018. What do you guys think they will do on Samsung? We love this to bring the powerful Infinity Display to the midrange … so many will be left over from the Galaxy S8 and so different will be the Galaxy S9?

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