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Guess what is the best mobile phone of 2017? It’s from Samsung …

Recently the Mobile Choice Consumer Awards took place . They are awards that are celebrated annually and that award the best mobile phone. Well, this year, the Samsung Galaxy S8 has been the clear winner. The flagship of the South Korean company has been named as the “best camera phone of 2017” and in addition, Samsung has been named the manufacturer of the year. Samsung is now the largest mobile phone manufacturer in the world. He is followed in second place, Huawei; a few days ago we told you that Huawei sells more phones than Apple.

samsung galaxy s8

Galaxy S8, the recovery of Samsung after the failure of Galaxy Note 7

Let’s take a look back a little. Samsung launched the Galaxy Note 7 in September of last year 2016. Expectations, both from the South Korean company itself and from users around the world, were very high. However, problems in the battery of the device forced Samsung to paralyze the production of the phone and, later, also its sale. Undoubtedly, it was the biggest crisis that has had to face Samsung throughout its history.

So, to regain the confidence of consumers, Samsung made every effort on its next flagship, the Samsung Galaxy S8. After the failure of the Galaxy Note 7, the reputation of the company sank, so Samsung wanted to regain its leadership position at all costs.

Samsung made the most of the Galaxy S8

The South Korean company made great efforts in the Galaxy S8, especially in the section of the battery. Introduced a safety check of nothing more and nothing less than 8 points on the battery. Samsung wanted to regain consumer confidence. And he got it. Everyone thought their market entry was going to be a little timid, but it was just the opposite. The Samsung Galaxy S8 arrived like a real hurricane. With all this, it is no wonder that the Galaxy S8 has been named the phone of the year. It is durable, innovative, powerful, impressive and, most important, “affordable”. What more could you want?

Now we are waiting to meet the Samsung Galaxy S9, which will arrive almost safely in January 2018.

Source | SamMobile

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