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  • The Galaxy X could be a smartphone limited to 100,000 units

The Galaxy X could be a smartphone limited to 100,000 units

Galaxy X Limited units

Samsung has been a few days that does not know how to filter rumroes on the new Samsung Galaxy X, the company’s first (and perhaps the world’s) first smartphone. Now the latest rumor from Forbes puts something on the table that seems pretty consistent.

The Galaxy X could be an exclusive smartphone and limited to only 100,000 units. How about? Well the truth is that this is bad and good at the same time and the cons you can be imagining.

Samsung Galaxy folding inwards

A Galaxy X exclusive of 100. units?

The cons of opting for a formula like this are very clear:

  • Availability : Since it surely could not be bought in all markets.
  • Price : With such low availability and exclusivity so high, the Galaxy X could have a price of heart attack, a price that could easily exceed 1200 euros.

Samsung has already made some certifications for its new Galaxy X model number SM-G888N0 and its release date could be January but … why this month? It is the month in which the CES is held in Las Vegas, one of the largest electronic product fairs in the world.

The CES of 2018 will take place from January 9 to 12 of next year and could be the framework chosen to present the new Galaxy X. We can not forget that Samsung claimed that the Galaxy X would be presented as soon as possible.

If we start looking for the sense of why the Galaxy X would be presented at CES, we just have to use a formula that allows us to discard other events:

  • MWC 2018 : World fair of mobile in which the marks present all those mobiles that are sold in mass, normally not movable that are going to be exclusive or very expensive. This would be the perfect frame to present the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 + , perhaps even be presented on February 25 before the opening of the fair doors.
  • IFA 2018 : IFA takes place in Berlin in September and this date is reserved for another of the flagships, the Galaxy Note. On August 31, 2018 IFA will open until September 5 and may be the date on which a Galaxy Note 9 sees the light, an improved Galaxy Note after Samsung sold in the Galaxy Note 8 .


If we understand that the fairs are already taken, it would be best not to cannibalize the attention of the media in the MWC and launch the product on a date in which no one expects it so that all their mobiles can have a very good visibility.

The latest rumor claims that the Galaxy X will be a mobile that will be available in ” Limited Edition ” with only 100,000 units and we expect them to leave outside of South Korea although it may not do so and that its global launch will be in 2019.

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