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Did you know that Android Wear disappeared from the Google store?

Android Wear

Yesterday October 4, 2017 was the Google event and its presentation focused on the new Google Pixel 2. Although it was to be expected, as they are the company’s new bet for the high end of the market. But that was not all, also presented the Google Home Mini and Google Home Max, which have Google Assistant and claim to be the competition of Apple HomePod and Amazon Echo.

The event was very interesting but at no time touched the issue of Android Wear and we found it a bit strange that Google did not mention anything about this technology. Sure at this point you will tell us that there was no product to be presented but it is not the fact, because in this type of events companies always touch on the subject of the figures and the good acceptance that have the market.

What happened to Android Wear and why it disappeared from the market?

Android Wear is not available on the Google Store

Many people were expecting a mention from Google referring to this technology, but it was not. After their presentation they accessed the company’s online store and noted that Google had emptied the whole section of Android Wear. Why have they done it? Apparently they have no reason to do so.

On the other hand, if we can access the store and see products with Android Wear through this link, although once inside, only a pair of models of smart watches are available and both actually appear discontinued. That is to say, it surprises us that only two products that can not be bought appear and the whole section is empty without any explanation.

On the other hand, another source says that this decision was made with the sole purpose of making the Google store, a place where only products of the great G are found. However, this information may be erroneous because there are still household items from the Nest firm.

What is Google’s reason for removing this section? We think that Google may be up to something and come with more force in this technology.

Source |  9to5Google

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