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Google Stamp: the alternative to Snapchat that everyone is waiting for

Google Stamp

Google will be in the field of temporary videos such as Instagram Stories or Snapchat Discover, with its new bet called Google Stamp. Earlier this year, Google informed the world that it was working on a social network that is developed using the free AMP format, and that allows websites to load faster on your mobile or computer.

Today we learned that a new report from Recode has come out and offers us some details that we did not know about the Google Stamp, such as press releases and publishers working hand in hand with Google. This report says that the company is working with a small group of publishers, who are responsible for creating specific content for Stamp.

Google Stamp can be released soon


The report also explains that Google will have to invest effort and money to get the project forward and do so with the help of Conde Nast, Time Inc, Mashable, Mic.com, The Washington Post, Vox Media and CNN. They have a Discover platform from Snapchat and are in charge of helping Google in this mission.

However, one source told Recode that payment for publishers was very costly, while others described it as something minimal. In short, we will not know how much Google will pay each publisher but we can ensure the following information: Google Stamp will generate money for publishers who join the project and their income can be up to 100% .

What is Google Stamp itself? the editors working on this project describe it as follows: it is a multimedia slide format such as text, videos, photos, which is optimized for mobile and probably closely resembles Snapchat or Instagram Stories. When will we have it on the market? It is possible that this month will arrive its first phase or test phase to the market, and only a very small group of users, will be able to prove it.

What will Google be up to with this new release? We know that this company does not do very well with social networks and a clear example of its failure is Google+, a social network that stays alive, but very few users use.

Source | Recode

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