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The Galaxy S8 sells more in Europe than in Asia

Samsung Galaxy S8 Worldwide Distribution

People wonder what are the best-selling mobiles and the truth is that a few days ago we showed you the best-selling mobile phones in Spain but these mobiles are not, by far, what people think.

It is true that when we hear talk about mobile brands always refer to the highest ranges such as the iPhone 8, Galaxy S8, etc. but the economy is not that it is very well globally and the best-selling mobile phones are by no means the flagships. Of course, the flagships also sell well and today we want to talk about the market share of the Galaxy S8.

Galaxy S8 world market

What has been the country that most Samsung mobile phones have bought?

According to Appbrain, this year the country that most Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ has bought has been Switzerland with a combined share of 8.2% of sales compared to the 4.7% share that counts in South Korea, its country native.

It really strikes the attention that Samsung has not sold more terminals of these in Asia than in Europe and in fact, the main buyers are all in Europe. We just have to see the sales chart and we will understand that the countries in which the Galaxy S8 has been more popular will surprise anyone.

Countries where most Galaxy S8 have sold

The list is headed by fairly strong quotas in countries like Australia, Norway, Sweden, United States, United Kingdom or South Korea, followed by Denmark and Germany. Spain has taken 1.5% of the pie and in countries like Egypt the sale of this mobile has not exceeded 0.1%. As we can see the countries that top the list of sales are, for the most part, European and this is due to the great popularity of Chinese brands such as Xiaomi.

In addition to the increased popularity of Chinese brands the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ have a big enemy at home, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Many of the owners of a Samsung mobile were looking forward to having a much more powerful Note after the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco. Despite the problems, people continued to rely on the Korean brand and in fact, this year there have been no problems with the batteries of these devices.

Despite the strong market share in the United States, the Samsung Galaxy S8 is still far from reaching the market share that has reached its predecessor, the Galaxy S7, one of the best-selling Samsung mobile of all time. Will the Galaxy S8 reach that number?

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