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Google Pixel 2 facing the iPhone X, who is the king of the high end?

Just over two hours ago we have learned all the details of the new Google Pixel 2. Google has introduced some high-end phones to fight for the high-end throne. However, this throne is more quoted than ever, and will have to face the iPhone X to be eligible for it.

Google and Apple. Android and iOS. Rivals from the beginning of time that face again this year looking to place your mobile at the top. Who will win? Let ‘s look at this comparison between Google Pixel 2 and iPhone X.

Comparison Google Pixel 2 vs. iPhone X

iPhone X Google Pixel 2 / Pixel 2 XL
Display, resolution 5.8 inches 5/6 inches
Pixel Density 458 dpi 441/538 dpi
Dimensions (mm) 143.6 x 70.9 x 7.7 mm 145.7 x 69.7 x 7.8 mm / 157.9 x 76.7 x 7.9 mm
Weight (Grams) 174 g 143/175 g
Software iOS 11.0 Android 8.1 Oreo
Rear camera Dual 12 MP camera 12 MP
Frontal camera 7 MP 8 MP
Video recording 4K 4K
Processor Apple A11 Snapdragon 835 eight niches (2.35GHz + 1.9GHz)
Storage 64/256 GB 64/128 GB
Expandable storage DO NOT DO NOT
Battery 2716 mAh 2700/3520 mAh
Fingerprint sensor DO NOT Rear
Connector USB Type C USB Type C
Special features Double chamber. Face ID. Water resistant (IP67) OIS + EIS stabilization system.
Price (euros) 1159 € € 959

Which is better?

As we see, the two (or three, if we tell the Google Pixel 2 XL ), are fairly even as far as specifications are concerned. No, power is not what will make us decide for one or the other. The choice between Google Pixel 2 and iPhone X will be decided on the intangibles, in the different way of both of them to see the mobiles.

In the case of Apple, Cupertino take some advantage in aspects as important as design . Eye, we say in design and not innovation, and is that we all know that the iPhone X is not the first to have a protrusion in the middle of the notification bar. Right, Essential Phone?

Google Pixel 2

However, it is undeniable that in design are imposed with a more sober option , compared to the experiment in design are the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL that inevitably remind us too much of a piece of Lego, let’s not talk about Pixel 2 XL in black and white . Were panda colored mobiles not a BQ thing?

Beyond design, what can the iPhone X offer to Google Pixel 2? If we consider that probably give us a better Android Oreo experience than iOS 11, Apple will run out of bullets once we talk about the physical aspect.

In other respects, we have only to surrender to the Google Pixel 2. Especially his older brother, which will offer us greater autonomy with its 3550 mAh battery. Yes, there are still phones with more than 3000 milliamps. Hard to believe, right? But not everything stays there, but the power and fluency of Android Oreo in its pure state with the Snapdragon 835 will be unparalleled.

In the other sections, the boys of the great G are shown a step above their neighbors Cupertino. A clear example of this is the photographic section that, even without having proved it in either of them, augurs an evident victory of the Pixel 2 with its score of 98/100 in DxOMark.

We could not forget the audio, and the Google Pixel 2 mounts front stereo speakers. Yes, front, and fit into the small frames of the Pixel 2 XL! And, how could it be otherwise, the Google Pixel 2 has fingerprint reader. Apple, quit fooling around, I want my fingerprint reader. And Google gives it to me.

Finally, we are to leave the best for the end. Let’s face it, we love both phones, but you have to look at the label. In this respect, the Google boys have been much more considerate and none of their two models exceeds 1000 euros , as does the iPhone X, with the 1159 euros that will cost us. The Google Pixel 2 will be available for 649 dollars (we still do not know if it will reach Spain) and the Pixel 2 XL for 959 euros. Who has said that money is not everything?

Ladies and gentlemen, this bout wins the points … the Google Pixel 2 XL! To arrive in Spain, for not costing more than 1000 euros. For your camera, your speakers, your power and experience, what else can we ask for? Arrive early, of course. Long live the new king of the high range.

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