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Can the iPhone X camera be better than the Galaxy Note 8?

For some years, the camera of Apple devices has been one of its most outstanding features. So every time the company introduces one of their phones, the debate begins on whether their camera is better than the latest Android terminals.

The presentation of the iPhone X on September 12 and its camera TrueDepth, have made this debate a topical issue. Well, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has suggested that the advances that Apple has made in relation to the camera, give it a significant advantage over Android. This man claims that Apple cameras are 2.5 years ahead of those of Android.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Camera

Can the iPhone X Camera really be better than the Samsung Galaxy Note 8?

It’s true that Apple’s TrueDepth camera has some outstanding features like animated emoji based on a user’s facial expressions. But from there to say that it is better than the Galaxy Note 8 for example, there is much to analyze. We want to remember that Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has the best DxOMark score.

Firstly, it is unclear why the iPhone X camera would be better than the competition; whether it would be in general or simply in some concrete functions. Maybe it has something to do with the face recognition technology of the front camera? And, secondly, Ming-Chi Kuo often leaks on many Apple products , so it may have some relationship with the company.

We will have to wait for the launch of the iPhone X …

We do not really trust these statements very much. In addition, to be certain, we are confident that next-generation Android phones, such as the Samsung Galaxy S9, will be able to greatly exceed the functions of the Apple iPhone X camera. We already commented that the Galaxy S9 will have the best slow motion of the market.

The iPhone X will not go on sale until next November 3, so these claims are pure assumptions; there is nothing clear. We will still have to wait a month to see who is the king of the mobile device cameras, Android or iOS. DxOMark will get us out of doubt.

What do you think about this whole thing? Do you think the iPhone X camera will be better than the Galaxy Note 8?

Source | Android Authority

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