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LG could launch mobile processors for the second time

LG makes mobile processors

LG is a signature that is at the forefront of technology in many aspects but in its division of mobile phones things do not end up going well. LG has made one mistake after another over the past few years and it seems its next step could bring them closer to better profitability.

Yes, making your own processors gives you advantages although the news that arrives through PhoneArena may not mean that LG wants to manufacture mobile processors. If anyone remembers it, it is the second time LG would manufacture its own mobile processors but things have changed a lot since 2014.

LG Processors

LG NUCLUN, the LG processor that did not work

As is happening in recent years, LG has never managed to take off properly in the mobile phone sector and the truth is that the NUCLUN was exclusively in Korea but it was a disaster.

LG has registered two new brands in the Intellectual Property Office of the European Union, these are LG KROMAX Processor and LG EPIK Processor brands . In the documents it is revealed that they are multi-core chips and make us think of mobile processors.

Before we jump into the pool as other means we remind you that even a washing machine or a refrigerator can carry a processor and this move would make much more sense on LG’s part and more seeing how well Qualcomm’s processors have been operating in the last year.

Xiaomi also launched the S1 Surge to the market and the fact is that it has not achieved the expected fame, it is very difficult to compete with the big and even move to brands as economical as MediaTek, what sense would make such investment in development to make everything to be a failure.

That LG manufactures mobile processors is meaningless . Intel did say last year that it would manufacture LG ARM smartphone chips in their factories and these would be based on the 10nm FinFET process just like the Aion Bionic and the Snapdragon 835. The only advantage of making your own chips is that you control the whole process but unless you are moving from Android to today it would not make much sense to run away from Qualcomm in search of a profitability that will not exist.

Will LG make mobile processors? What do our readers think? We would like to see your comments, it seems to us a crazy idea.

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