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Google wants to improve wireless technology with racing cars

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Google boys have filed a complaint or request with the FCC with the goal of gaining special permission to test next-generation wireless technology. How? By means of race cars. In addition, they want to get the authorization to test the transmissions in the frequency of 3.5GHz (included in the spectrum of 3400 and 3600 MHz). If yes, as you hear, Google has asked the FCC itself to test this new generation of wireless networks  in real racing circuits. It does not look bad at all! You want to know more?

Google wants to improve its wireless technology, you know how?

The purpose of test showers for what Google has mentioned is the transmission of broadband data from race cars to transportable or fixed base stations with connection to three car racing events. This would be the objective of the test of the company that would take place from October of 2017 until April of 2018 according to indicate the latest data and rumors.


For the moment, we can not tell you much more. We know that Google seeks and craves to squeeze this technology and does not look bad. We could be talking about an alternative to fiber to have fixed broadband. And is that Google has shown a special interest in these new technologies and is what it is demonstrating in its tests and requests. To contribute to the development, extension and expansion of wireless technology.

Google Fiber is Google’s home Internet service. And we know that wireless at higher frequencies compared to traditional broadband is a good option to take into account. That is, we could consider it as an alternative capable of replacing broadband in its next generation with the 3.5 GHz band.

And finally, in the event that Google does not want to use 3.5GHz as a solution, it could apply other technologies. Own  Fierce Wireless has stated in earlier this year, Google already auditioned at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, collaborating with Nokia and Qualcomm for it. We also know that Google handled the Spectrum Access System (SAS) software. This makes the exchange of access possible and could be a big part of any wireless technology that we see in the next generations. What do you think? Will the Google tests go ahead? You can not miss the great interest of Google by 3.5 GHz.

Via | BGR

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