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Muvo 2C, a Bluetooth speaker with an interesting price

Muvo 2C

Many of us use the tablet to watch movies, series or television. In most cases we encounter a problem, the sound is not as loud as we would like. But the truth is that it is an issue that has an easy solution since in the market we have countless models of Bluetooth speakers like the one presented today. This is Muvo 2C, let’s see what it offers us.

What can we expect from the Muvo 2C loudspeaker

Muvo 2C

In the market we find many models of Bluetooth speakers, a figure that is in line with the high demand that exists of this class of devices. They serve us not only to supply the lack of volume of our devices, but also to be able to listen to music with our mobile anywhere, for example.

Among the features of Muvo 2C we can highlight that it has a loudspeaker of enough power, that its battery supports 5 or 6 hours of use and that we can choose our speaker between different colors. Another interesting feature is that it supports water splashes, something that allows outdoor use, for example. Of course, we can not immerse it in water.

The size of the speaker is quite small, in fact it fits in the palm of our hand, and weighs only 160 grams.

To improve the experience we have the option to use two speakers at a time to have a small stereo as it synchronizes very well and there is no delay.

Muvo 2C has a microSD card slot that allows us to program the songs we want to hear from the pull. You also have a USB to micro-USB cable that serves both to charge the battery and to connect the speaker to the computer. So we can also use it with our PC.

The price of the speaker is about 40 euros.

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Last updated on June 17, 2018 6:11 pm

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