Soundpeats Q12: magnetic sports headphones, latest fashion

Soundpeats Q12

The wireless sports headphones go through its best in the market, although some of its necessary to provide optimum performance characteristics may also have a counterpart from its aesthetic appearance. Before this Soundpeats Q12 wants to offer a perfect experience for all types of users.

Soundpeats Q12 are a mid-range headphones that logically use Bluetooth connectivity to avoid annoying cables from the middle when performing physical activity. Its different possibilities of size and grip favor a maximum comfort of use, while neither lack a good autonomy in its battery nor a built-in microphone.

Features of  Soundpeats Q12

Dimensions 9.9 x 9.7 x 4.8 cm
Weight 15 grams
Colors Black, Blue
Battery 6-hour autonomy
Fast charge Do not
Connectivity Bluetooth 4.1 (two devices at a time)
Free hands Yes
Microphone Yes
Sound settings AptX technology
Physical controls Yes, for both music and calls
Official site Soundpeats
Included accessories
  • 1 x SoundPEATS Q20 Bluetooth Headset
  • 1 x USB charging cable
  • 6 x Closed Pads
  • 4 x Half-Closed Pads
  • 6 x Aural Hooks
  • 2 x Cable Clamps
  • 2 x Cable Clips
  • 1 x Carrying bag
  • 1 x User Manual

New magnetic grip

Soundpeats Q12

Soundpeats Q12 also offers CVC 6.0 noise cancellation

As mentioned in the title of this analysis, the difference in this pair of headphones is centered on a magnetic feature that allows the connection of two headphones and use it as a collar when not listening to music. This prevents the device from being lost or causing discomfort while performing physical activity.

In more traditional terms, Soundpeats Q12 has ergonomic grips and 3 sizes to choose from to fit your ears correctly. The truth is that when you are walking or running, it is usual for the headphones to end up coming out after a sudden movement, so here are avoided these situations.

Finally, this model enjoys a maximum lightness, more precisely of 15 grams , whereas its commercialization includes a case for its transport when it is not being used to have it at hand in any situation. This way, you avoid those entanglements of cables and with other elements that are carried in the pocket.

Connectivity and Hands-free

Soundpeats Q12

Soundpeats Q12 has buttons for fast audio and call handling

On the technical side, Soundpeats Q12 emphasizes the inclusion of aptX technology and the standard Bluetooth 4.1, something that gives a perfect sound with quality while connecting with any other device that serves as a sound source. A more available option is based on being able to disconnect up to two devices at a time after having previously paired with a maximum supported distance of up to ten meters.

For those who do not know aptX in detail , it’s a new standard that has revolutionized the Bluetooth Stereo listening experience by significantly reducing bitrate without affecting audio quality or latency problems. Broadly, it achieves excellent stereo sound quality with reliable reproduction of the full audio bandwidth.

In the hands-free field, headphones meet the basic needs of switching between music and answering incoming calls to the Smartphone automatically. You can control all the music functions, such as going to the next track or going back to the previous one, raising or lowering the volume, pausing and playing the song, and so on. In the case of calls, the action of responding, rejecting, hanging and mute are available through physical buttons present on the same connection cable .

As far as its autonomy is concerned, the built-in battery ensures a continuous playback of music for up to 6 hours , while when recharging it requires a waiting time of between one and two hours. In general terms, its operation reminds us of the Hexxa Poseidón model that we have already analyzed previously.

Availability and Pricing of Soundpeats Q12

As proof of the effort of this manufacturer to improve the shopping experience, a support service is offered to all users, both in the pre-sale and in the post-sale, so any problem that arises with the headphones is viable to receive the help of the same company.

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