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Galaxy Note 8 has better camera than iPhone 8 Plus, according to DxOMark

Galaxy Note 8 better camera than iPhone 8 Plus DXoMark

All components of a smartphone count. But there are some sections in which we tend to look more at the time to opt for one device or another. The photographic is one of them. And it seems that the Galaxy Note 8 camera is better than the iPhone 8 Plus. At least, according to DxOMark.

Samsung and Apple. The eternal battle between two giants who seek to excel in all aspects of their models. Just ten days after being introduced, the iPhone 8 Plus got the highest score in the DxOMark ranking. But now it has been overtaken by the phablet of its direct rival.

DxOMark: Galaxy Note 8 has the best mobile camera

We knew that the Galaxy Note 8 has a dual camera portent. Specifically, it carries a primary 12 MP sensor that exerts wide angle with focal aperture of f/1.7 and pixels with a size of 1.4um. The secondary is also 12 MP, but does telephoto functions, with f/2.4 aperture and 1.0um pixels.

This dual camera features optical and digital zoom, 2 and 8x respectively, plus optical image stabilization, PDAF and Dual-LED dual-tone flash . It is capable of recording videos in 4K resolution at 30 fps . In this regard, it is noteworthy qeu also can record 4K at 60 fps as the iPhone X. Only need Samsung to enable this possibility.

Galaxy Note 8 camera DXoMark points

As shown in the picture, Note 8 has a total score of 94. It is the same as the iPhone 8 Plus, but there are differences. DxOMark divides your valuations into photography and video, each section with several sections. Samsung’s phablet can boast of being the first of the class when it comes to photos, since it has gotten 100 points.

For its part, the iPhone 8 Plus has 96 points in the same section. It is a very good evaluation, but his rival has made full. However, we see that scores on video recording quality wins. Because, with its 89 points, it surpasses the Note 8, that stays in the 84.

iPhone 8 Plus camera DXoMark points

As verified by DxOMark after thoroughly testing the Galaxy Note 8 camera, it is the best mobile camera we can find on the market today. It emphasizes the excellent quality of its zoom, especially in the portraits. It also details that the focus is extremely fast and accurate, plus the flash works very well.

Good news for Samsung and owners of a Galaxy Note 8, because it is the first smartphone to get the maximum score of DxOMark. It will be necessary to see which model manages to surpass it.

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