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It’s just less than a day before the new Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL are introduced. We have to admit, our hype is over the top with Google’s new phones, and it’s not to be missed seeing the latest leaks. The wait until tomorrow is becoming endless, so we bring you the wallpapers of Google Pixel 2 before its release to soften it. Yes, it has already been filtered the wallpaper that will come by default in the Google Pixel 2, and we can install it on our mobile before anyone else. As usual, we’re going to tell you how you can have the Google Pixel 2 background right now.

Download the Google Pixel 2 Wallpaper

As it could not be otherwise, we have known the official wallpaper of Google Pixel 2 and his older brother thanks to our beloved Evan Blass, when in his Twitter account showed the final image of the Google Pixel 2 XL with cover and without her.

Hours later showed us new details of the device, also with this wallpaper, which confirmed that this will be the background that will take the Google Pixel 2 to remove them from the box. Okay, but how do I download the Google Pixel 2 wallpaper?

As simple as downloading it from Google Drive, is that the guys from PhoneArena have rescaled and uploaded the background so that we can have it in the highest possible resolution. Specifically, it is available in QHD+ and in 18: 9 format, the same format as the device will come. Do you want it already? In this link you have it.

Not only has the Pixel 2 wallpaper been leaked

As you read, the background of the Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL has not been the only filter, but in the images that we filtered Evan Blass we can find interesting details about the Google Pixel 2 launcher.

Initially, the placement of the Google search bar, which goes to be located between the keypad and the icons, is striking, which has also undergone a slight redesign. Now we will have a white strip from side to side only for the search. Simple, right? Not everything is there and is that, if we look closely, we see how the slight shadow that stood out the first line of icons disappeared. We therefore have to differentiate the dock to achieve a more uniform design.

And you, have you already downloaded the Google Pixel 2 wallpaper?

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