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Xiaomi will open its first physical store in Spain, the first in Europe

Xiaomi physical store

At last! Yes, you read the headline well. We just learned that Xiaomi officially lands in Europe. But best of all is that he has chosen Spain as the first country where he will open his first physical store.

During the last months, rumors have circulated that pointed to the arrival of the Chinese firm to the old continent. It was not unreasonable that a manufacturer that is having so much success outside the Chinese market decided to take the leap to sell their devices directly. What you did not know was where you wanted to fall first.

Xiaomi arrives in Europe: first physical store in Spain

Currently, those who want to buy a Xiaomi smartphone have to go to the various import shops that exist in the network of networks. Many of them offer very interesting discounts and do not have to pay shipping costs. In some cases they also represent a saving in customs and others.

But the fact that Xiaomi opens a physical store, implies that it will no longer depend on third parties to sell its products. And best of all: Spain has chosen for its European premiere. As reported by El Español, which has had access to two sources from different sectors, Madrid is the chosen city.

Specifically, the place is the Xanadú shopping center. A source from real estate has thrown more details. They point out that among the Chinese manufacturer’s international plans is the ambitious goal of opening 2,000 stores worldwide. Of course, several will be located in Spain.

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