Did you know that Samsung makes money for every iPhone X sold?

If there is a phone that now is talking a lot, that’s the iPhone X. It was one of the devices that Apple introduced last September 12, along with the iPhone 8 and the iPhone 8 Plus. A few days ago we told you  how much it costs to manufacture an iPhone X.

Of course until today we have not known that Samsung will win nothing more and nothing less than 94 euros for each iPhone X that Apple sells thanks to its line of components.

Comparative iPhone X

Why Samsung makes money with the iPhone X?

Undoubtedly, when it comes to making a mobile phone, most of the costs correspond to the components of the device.

Apple has always been characterized by manufacturing its own components for its mobile devices. Thus, the iPhone X does not have a PowerVR graphics processor Imagination Technologie, but with one of those of Cupertino. Of course the Apple device also incorporates some components of other companies. And that’s where Samsung comes into play.

Samsung is the manufacturer of the OLED display and the memory of the iPhone X. Samsung Semiconductors is almost the only worldwide manufacturer of NAND memory that is able to cope with a volume of order as large as that of Apple.

Therefore, the American company not only makes money with the phones it sells, but also with the components. So, for every iPhone X sold, Samsung makes money.

How much money does Samsung earn for every iPhone X sold?

According to estimates by Counterpoint for the Wall Street Journal, Samsung could win up to 94 euros for every iPhone X that Apple sells. Right now, the sales estimates for this phone are 130 million units worldwide; if so, Samsung would win nothing more and no less than 12.220 million euros. Somewhat ironic considering that are profits from the sales of Apple, one of its main rivals in the mobile phone market.

Therefore, even if they are big competitors, Samsung and Apple must be understood in one way or another; both need each other. In the case of the South Korean company, it is estimated that orders for components for the iPhone X represent about 35% of Samsung’s revenue.

Source | Phandroid


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