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Do you have a Nokia HMD? Get ready to receive Android P!

If for some reason the new Nokia, manufactured under the command of HMD, is by its scarce, if not null, personalization in terms of software. This, of course, allows them to update much earlier than the rest of companies to the following versions of Android. So much so, that HMD has ensured that all terminals have Android P.

Yes, you have read well, each and every Nokia launched by HMD will receive their ration of Android P officially shortly after it reaches the Google Pixel itself. No doubt they are very good news but  can they keep their word?

All Nokia with Android Q: Is it feasible?

It is not the first time that HMD is committed to update their mobiles. In fact, a few months ago did this same with Android Oreo, ensuring that each and every one of its terminals would receive this version.

This first promise is easy to carry out, given the small catalog of terminals that has the signature. However, updating them to Android P could be complicated as they are releasing new terminals and is that,  what happens when they have to update a huge amount of models?

First of all, let’s take a brief look at the Nokia catalog. Today it has four terminals with Android in its ranks, which will be shortly added the Nokia 2. These five phones will have Android Oreo before the end of the year, they said from the company.

The problems will come with the next generation that has prepared HMD. In the case where they renew each of the options they have now, not counting the possible Nokia 9, we would be talking about that there would be ten devices that would have to update to Android P shortly after this version of software officially arrived although these latest versions would be much closer to Android P and it would be normal for them to update.

Nokia does not unlock the bootloader of its mobiles

This could only have two possibilities. Either they decide not to update some of their older handsets, or their updates to Android P will be pretty much challenged. However, there might be a third option. There is the somewhat surprising possibility that HMD does not miss its word. We would be ahead of the best brand in terms of updates, yes, behind the almighty Google.

In any case, we will still have to wait a year to see if these commitments will be met. Until then, we will enjoy Android Oreo as soon as they update to this version. When can we upgrade?

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