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Xiaomi surpasses and records sales record in September

Xiaomi celebrates sales record in September

Xiaomi is a relatively new company in the market and first appeared in 2010. However, its mission was to be recognized in the world and it has achieved, at the moment is one of the best companies of China and little by little has come taking over the market, reaching the third place of the brands that sell more , placing just behind the great manzanita.

How was the beginning of Xiaomi to break record sales in September? This company in 2015 had its first great impulse  to  sell more than 70 million units worldwide. However, the company continued to work but 2016 was not as successful as 2015, as it sold only 58 million smartphones.

Xiaomi hits record sales in September by sending 10 million mobile phones

Xiaomi reaches 10 million sales in September

2017 has been the best year of this company, sending 10 million smartphones in the month of September, and we are surprised that many assumed that this year would be the worst in results for Xiaomi.

Can this be trusted?  The CEO Lei Jun announced today that figure  (therefore, if you can trust it) and we are very pleased by the company, is that they put heart and soul to each mobile, as well as having good sales strategy.

It should be noted that last year Huawei was absolute leader in the Chinese market selling 139 million smartphones, second we found Oppo with 95 million and finally, we found Vivo in third place with 82 million. Having said that, if the data remain the same, the company could be placed in the second or third position, although it is impossible to deduce the position without having the official data of every month. On the other hand, with respect to the 10 million mobiles sold in September, it was something that was expected due to the releases and the next ones that are still to come out, if we review a little, we find the following names:  Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X, Mi MIX 2, Mi 6, Mi Note 3, Mi 5X, Redmi Note 5A. These phones have three interesting factors that help Xiaomi to sell them (innovation, quality and delivery).

How will the Xiaomi 2017 end? In all this year, Xiaomi has managed to sell 63 million units approximately  and things are going well . If the calculations are true, this could be the best year of the company and therefore, could rise in the list of companies that sell more in Asia.

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