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Which are the most sold phones in Spain in 2017? You’ll be surprised!

If we ask which is the best selling mobile phone of 2017 in Spain , surely the vast majority of you come to mind some off-road model launched this year, such as the Samsung Galaxy S8 for example. Well, the truth is that reality is quite far from this idea.

Periodically, Kantar produces a report with the most sold mobile phones in Spain throughout the year. Well, this 2017 we can draw a very clear conclusion: there is no top model Android range among the top 10. Mid -range devices, especially Samsung and Huawei, the two largest phone manufacturers in the world, are wiping out . Recall that Huawei has advanced to Apple as the second largest manufacturer of mobile worldwide.

What phones do most users buy in Spain?

Well, in first place in the ranking we find the Samsung Galaxy J5, a mid-range terminal of the South Korean company that is having great success in our country, offers very good services at an affordable price. Specifically, three Samsung J-line phones are listed.

In second position, the Huawei P8 Lite, which went on sale in 2015. This year 2017 has been released an updated model of it, but has not been so successful.

The Aquarius U model of the Spanish company BQ also sells quite well; appears fifth in the ranking of mobile phones sold in Spain in 2017. We have to go down to the ninth place to find an Apple device, specifically the iPhone 7. There is also no LG model in the top positions; the LG K10 of 2016 appears the tenth in the ranking.

It must be taken into account that the purchasing power in Spain is far from that of other countries. The vast majority of users opt to extend the life of their devices. Others, however, are forced to buy phones older than there in the ranking we find phones for one or even two years. What do you think of ranking? Did you expect them to be the best-selling phones in Spain?

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