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Google Assistant will hit Chromebooks in a short time


The Google assistant made a big impact when it came to the market on Pixel phones and although it later began to arrive on other phones, tablets, speakers and appliances that were compatible, it was not possible to use it on Chromebooks. However, that will be in the past because very soon we can enjoy in these devices.

This is an official information from Google and we noticed through the official application of Google Assistant, where we can see that the app is compatible with Chromebooks, have you escaped Google or been intentional? We would not know to tell you but what we have confirmed, is that very soon we will have Google Assistant in the Chromebook. It was time!

When will we have Google Assistant on Chromebooks?

Google Assistant app

Undoubtedly this was a question that many people asked because it is no secret that Chromebooks are becoming more complete and that they did not have Google Asisstant, it was a serious problem. For now, it is said that the first to receive Google Assistant will be the  Chromebook Eve that has just been filtered. In addition, we must emphasize that next October 4 is the dedicated event of Google and could be the official launch of this Chromebook.

Although that is not all, we also expect the arrival of new features for this wizard in the new Pixel 2 phones , which will certainly steal the show. On the other hand is rumored of a line of Chromebooks called PixelBook that possibly can debut in this event, everything is due to leaks and are not confirmed by Google, as we always say, we have to wait for the day of the event to confirm it.

Undoubtedly, this news rejoices all users who have a Chromebook and who longed to have the Google Assistant on that device. Remember to be very aware of October 4 to know all the news that brings Google for you and all your mobile devices that you have on the market today. To conclude, you can already have Google Assistant on your Android TV. Were you aware of it?

Source | 9to5google

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