OnePlus 6 could arrive sooner than expected

OnePlus is right now a brand that is being talked about a lot. It has a big difference with respect to other companies of mobile telephony, and is that it launches only one mobile phone a year. Thus, the expectation that awakens is maximum.

This year 2017, the OnePlus 5 has devastated since it has off-road performance at a very affordable price. In addition, the Chinese company has made an excellent publicity campaign, which has been worth so that the OnePlus 5 is among the best-selling phones. Now all the alarms have jumped when a leak has indicated that OnePlus 6, the older brother of OnePlus 5, could arrive sooner than expected.

OnePlus 5

When will we see the OnePlus 6?

At first it was believed that the successor of OnePlus 5 would be the OnePlus 5T; however, this seems to be totally ruled out. We can almost be assured that this phone will not exist, but will be the OnePlus 6. In addition, it is expected to arrive in the first months of 2018.

We do not know very well why but a large number of companies are anticipating their launches in early 2018. A few weeks ago we told you that Samsung could launch the Galaxy S9 in January 2018. And now OnePlus is news again for the same reason.

It may have something to do with how fast the mobile phone market changes and evolves . If a company launches a phone in December 2017, when it arrives in February or March 2018, it is already considered a phone from last year because normally, in March, new processors are launched. However, if you postpone this release to January 2018, throughout that year would be considered a current phone.

For now, you do not know too much about the OnePlus 6. As we have known through different rumors, it will feature a screen with QHD resolution and a screen ratio of 18: 9. Therefore, it will be an elongated phone, in the style of the Galaxy Note 8 or the LG V30. We must keep in mind that the release date of the OnePlus 6 is not confirmed, but the information seems almost safe. We will be very attentive to the arrival date of the OnePlus 6 and we will tell you everything.


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