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Nokia recalls: we can unlock the bootloader of some models

A few days ago, Nokia was in the spotlight of all media when announcing that it would not be possible to unlock the bootloader on their mobiles. Of course, this news has not liked among users, so the company has quickly revoked, indicating that they will allow to unlock the bootloader of several models.

The boys of HMD have not been slow to back down and guarantee this possibility, and that to prevent the unblocking of the bootloader of the Nokia could be a blow to the mark, mainly in front of alternatives that allow to do as are the OnePlus 5 or the Xiaomi Mi6.

Nokia will unlock the bootloader of one of its terminals

If you have one of the new Nokia mobile with Android, you are in luck, and is that HMD has confirmed that they will unlock the bootloader of their phones one by one. However, we still do not know which models will be chosen for this.

He has been the technology director of the company, Mikko Jaakkola, who on Twitter has indicated that unlocking the bootloader of his mobile is one of the top priorities of the brand. He even asked users what they would do or how they would personalize their terminal once it was unlocked.

Therefore, everything points to yes, that Nokia has finally made the decision to allow to unblock the bootloader. Mikko Jaakkola has confirmed that they will be unlocked one by one, so the process will be rather long. However, we still do not know what will be the order in which will be processed the possibility of opening the bootloader of the different Nokia models.

We assume that the first model that will receive this feature will be the Nokia 6, and that is the terminal of the HMD with the largest community behind. Right after it, is expected to come the Nokia 8, as not in vain is the terminal of reference of the brand.

Now that we have HMD’s confirmation that it will open the bootloader of its terminals, the next question is how can we do it. We still do not know if they will make available to the users a tool to be able to do it, as is the case of Xiaomi, or if we have to apply directly to the brand.

Nokia does not unlock the bootloader of its mobiles

It is expected to confirm in the next few days how the process of unblocking will be, but even in the absence of new news, this new HMD strategy is very positive, listening to its users and opening the door to a whole world of possibilities and modifications once we unlock the bootloader of their mobiles.

Of course, Nokia has confirmed that it will update all its models to Android P and that is something great, something that will allow its users not have to use unofficial ROMs to have the mobile updated.

And you,  what would you do with a Nokia phone with the bootloader open?

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