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You can now use the Openbank cards with Samsung Pay

Openbank compatible Samsung Pay

I have been paying for a long time with the mobile but the truth is that nobody is facilitating this. Having a mobile with NFC allows you to pay with any bank if you use Carrefour Pass but, however, you can not do it using Android Pay.

I personally do it using Vodafone Wallet (which allows the same as Carrefour Pass) and also allows me to pay with PayPal directly on my Samsung Galaxy but Samsung has a payment platform of its own that does not work too bad. Samsung Pay already enjoys several compatible banks in Spain (more than Android Pay) and that makes it have a steep advance compared to other alternatives.


Samsung Pay already supports Openbank cards

Today we are lucky that we have an Openbank card and a Samsung with Samsung Pay as we can use the cards of this bank in the Samsung mobile payment service.

If you are an Openbank customer and you have a card from this company owned by Banco Santander you can use your cards in the service as long as you have a compatible Samsung.

Banks compatible with Samsung Pay

Right now, Openbank, joins the list of banks compatible with Samsung’s mobile payment service:

  • Stanander Bank
    Imagin Bank
    Sabadell Bank
    The English Court

In addition, we must remember, Samsung Pay also allows you to add several loyalty cards to save space in the wallet with the large number of these cards that can be accumulated.

Mobile phones compatible with Samsung Pay

In addition to having a compatible bank card you need a mobile compatible service and the truth is that it is not that all are, only the high range and some midrange.

  • Samsung Galaxy Note 8
    Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 +
    Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge
    Samsung Galaxy S6, S6 Edge and S6 Edge +
    Samsung Galaxy A5 (2016 and 2017)

If you have one of these phones and one of these banks you already have a new way to pay with the mobile, but as you anticipated at first, if you want to pay with Android Pay things are very complicated.

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