The American BLU starts selling in Spain

BLU smartphones Spain

The smartphone market has a wide variety of manufacturers. From the giants by all known, to other manufacturers that are less, but there they are. An example is BLU Products, firm specializing in devices with Android Pure and a value for money is not bad.

It may not be familiar to you, but it’s a brand that already has a long way behind. He was born in 2009, and in recent years has achieved quite popularity in the United States, his country. Also in Latin America has achieved good numbers. Now the great pool jumps to start its way in Spain.

BLU Products already officially sells in Spain

Under the slogan “Bolt like us”, BLU Products has experienced a remarkable growth, with sales exceeding 10 million terminals in forty countries. So it’s not new when it comes to landing in other markets.

The question is whether in our country you will be silent. His commercial strategy to land in Spain making noise is through something as popular as football. Specifically, through the Valencia CF, team with which has closed the contract to be its sponsor.

However, BLU is not going to have anything easy. Apart from what it means to be the new in the class, it has the complicated task of competing against the economic smartphones of the Chinese firms that have achieved good positions in Spain.

Thus, it will have rivals like Xiaomi, Ulefone, DOOGEE or Bluboo, for example. That is, manufacturers that launch devices that are increasingly better quality and with really attractive prices . It will also have as opponent to BQ, a very similar firm, but with the advantage that it is Spanish. Recently introduced the BQ Aquaris V and V Plus, their new bets for the mid-range.

This year he had to deal with accusations blaming the company for spying for China . This meant the withdrawal of their smartphones from Amazon, which chose not to have anything to do with the US manufacturer. BLU stated that they do not use spyware , but it is certainly was a stain on their image as a signature.

Blu Vivo 8 specifications price

Finally, in August BLU returned to be present in the largest online store. In fact, you can take a look at the BLU LIVE XL2, one of its most ambitious models. In the same month that he returned to Amazon, he introduced the BLU VIVO 8, his current flagship with improved specifications and moderate price.

In Androidphoria we will inform as soon as BLU Products announces the news regarding his arrival in the country of La Roja; how it will sell, what new models it will offer, etc.

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