The 3 most anticipated news of the Galaxy S9

Galaxy S9

First of all we would like to clarify that in this article we are not going to rely on any rumors, we are only going to use intuition and our experience in mobile telephony to predict what will be the keys to launching the Galaxy S9.

This year, however, it is different. Samsung is joining efforts to launch the new Galaxy X, which would be the company’s first foldable mobile, and that may mean that it may have to cut capital in development on other models. This news is good and bad at the same time and then we will explain why.

Samsung mobile 4K

What should characterize the Galaxy S9?

If Samsung has listened to users and learned from their past mistakes there are only 3 things that should improve on the Galaxy S9 to become the perfect evolution of the Galaxy S8 as the Galaxy S7 made in its day with the Galaxy S6.

Mount a 4K screen in the Galaxy

We are not particularly pleased that Samsung plans to introduce a 4K screen in one of its mobile phones between 5.8 inches and 6.2 inches but the truth is that after spending 3 generations with a 2K panel, it is possible that the company of the jump to the 4K in the screen of the Galaxy.

Samsung has said that it still does not embrace this possibility as it is really concerned about the issue of autonomy , something vital on Samsung mobile now that it has sharpened both the design and reduced both the mAh of its batteries. It is a change that can come but we do not worry much, unless you really get an interesting virtual reality platform that everyone wants to see daily, there would make sense a 4K screen.

Integrate the fingerprint sensor on the screen

The main improvement, and more expected, would be the fingerprint reader integrated in the screen or at least changed site in the new Galaxy S9. All users have complained about the bad placement of the fingerprint sensor on the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Note 8 but Samsung has 2018 to change this fact.

The on-screen fingerprint reader may not be available because of the lack of human capital that could be centered on the development of the Galaxy X but, even if they do not integrate it on the screen, they should be moved to the front or to a comfortable part in the back of the devices. Where he is, he is not well.

Qualcomm Digital Sensors

Throw a double camera on the Galaxy S

And finally, Samsung should make the leap and finally integrate a double camera in the Galaxy S9 as the Note 8 or improved. The double camera of the Galaxy Note 8 is not bad but it is true that this year Apple has greatly improved the camera of their iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus so Samsung needs something extra to beat them.

The Galaxy S9 could mount a double camera but the best thing is to do it with improvements and not adapting a bit the same configuration that used in the Galaxy Note 8. Not that the camera of the Galaxy Note 8 is bad, not at all, but it takes something more to overcome the camera of the iPhone 8 Plus, the best in the market.

On the other hand, next year, do not expect too many changes in the design of the terminals. There may be two new models , as the latest leaks indicate, with a 5.8-inch screen and 6.2-inch screen, a Galaxy S9 and a Galaxy S9+. Are you ready to track him? They will be Edge screens, like this year.

If you want to know everything about the rumors of Galaxy S9 and the leaks that are pouring into the net do not stop following us, we will keep you informed.

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