Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 review

The Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 is to conquer the world. The weaknesses of the Mi Mix 1 have been eradicated and the size and the design are now mass-ready. Xiaomi is unstoppable in the global market and increased global sales in the second quarter of 2017 by 60% compared to the second quarter of 2016 ( source ). Also with the number of sold smartphones, Xiaomi together with Samsung, Apple, Huawei and OPPO back into the top 5. It is only the Chinese manufacturers, which secure themselves more and more market shares, while Samsung and Apple stand still.

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Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 Review: The device accommodates a 6 inch display in the case of a 5.5 inch smartphone. The currently strongest smartphone processor Snapdragon 835 provides in combination with 6GB or 8GB (Special Edition) for performance. High-end features such as stereo speakers, optical image stabilization of the camera and Bluetooth 5.0 are represented. And there is also a worldwide LTE coverage (of course with volume 20). The Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 has accompanied me a week in daily use.

Design and processing

Xiaomi is the undisputed pioneer of premium materials on smartphones. The Xiaomi Mi Mix used an adhesive-free plug-in system made of ceramic frame and back. In the normal version of the Mi Mix 2, you go back a step and put on a combination of aluminum frame and ceramic back. This can be seen in Mi6 in the ceramics edition. The special edition of Mi Mix 2 now has a ceramic Unibody: Hat, Xiaomi! Even the refinement on the camera with genuine gold remains intact. The Mi Mix 2 is no longer as slippery as its predecessor, but far away from tangible. However, the supplied protective sleeve ensures a perfect hold.This is made of high-quality, slightly rough plastic and feels extremely good. The packaging is now also standard. At the Xiaomi Mi Mix 1 there was also a premium packaging and a beautiful leather cover. The included Mi Mix 2 case is not thick, fits perfectly and provides an excellent grip.

The dimensions of the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 are 152 x 76 x 8mm, which makes the device smaller than most 5.5 inch devices (OnePlus 5: 154 x 74.1 x 7.3) despite its 6 inch display . This is achieved by the Edgeless design. The display is expanded upwards and downwards (18: 9 ratio) and the edges are only 4.5mm (top) and 11mm (bottom). Left and right to the display are 3mm edge measurable and thus the Mi Mix 2 is not a so-called bezelless smartphone like a Nubia Z17 or a Samsung Galaxy S8.

With a proud weight of 185g , the mobile phone immediately creates a high-quality impression. As soon as you switch on the display, a WOW effect is quite given, but not just like the concept mobile phone Mi Mix at that time.

The transitions from the display to the frame and the black ceramic back are absolutely perfect. Here you can not even feel the edge of an edge. Likewise, the buttons sit perfectly in the case and create a great feedback. The Mi Mix 2 is controlled with on-screen buttons. A notification LED (white only) is installed under the display, as is the front camera. If you want to record a self, you have to turn the mobile phone by 180 °.Xiaomi takes the distance from the cabinet sound of the predecessor and now builds a real earphone, which also serves as a second loudspeaker (stereo sound). Left and right to the USB-Type-C connection you can find the loudspeaker and the microphone. A noise-suppressing microphone is attached at the top, a jack connection for headphones is in vain. Here, however, you now have enough choice between USB Type C headphones, Bluetooth headphones or so-called Bluetooth receivers. The fingerprint sensor is fast, accurate and is easily accessible directly under the camera placed.

In summary, the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 is an outstanding 6 inch smartphone in the “compact” 5.5 inch body. One- handed use is not always possible, but MIUI offers the usual one-hand mode (from the home button to the right or left wipe). The Mi Mix 2 is and remains an eye-catcher. But who is looking for a smartphone without edges to the left and right of the display, is not right here.


The 5.99 inch display resolves with 2160 × 1080 pixels in the 18: 9 format.This delivers 403 pixels per inch and single pixels are in vain. Xiaomi gives the Mi Mix 2 a high contrast ratio of 1500: 1 and the brightness is adjusted if necessary by a brightness sensor sitting behind the display. This also works best in practice, the readability outdoors is great. The automatic contrast adjustment is also very helpful. “Warm”, “Cold” or “Standard” can be selected at the color temperature. In the standard, the colors are strong, but not as unrealistic as AMOLED displays. A reading mode, which reduces the amount of blue light, can be set automatically at certain times. Due to the 18: 9 format, when playing normal 16: 9 videos, black bars are created above and below the display.

The touch screen registers 10 touches simultaneously and works perfectly. All inputs are immediately implemented and the accuracy is excellent. Smart-Wake can also be activated to simply unlock the display in the Options menu. The slipperiness of the display surface is good, but you also see lots of greasy and fingerprints after one day of use. Specially hardened glass has been installed, even if Xiaomi does not titulate this with the brand name Corning Gorilla glass.

Performance and system

The Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 is, of course, the fastest mobile smartphone processor currently in use. The Snapdragon 835 processor is available in the standard version of 6GB RAM and an Adreno 540GPU supported. In the special edition it is then 8GB RAM. With the internal memory is faster UFS 2.1 memory with 64, 128 or 256GB available. The memory can unfortunately not be expanded with a micro-SD. All apps are immediately installed after downloading and open without noticeable delays. The Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 is one of the fastest smartphones in the world. No matter what 3D game you bombard the device, without twitching or grumbling every single game is played back smoothly. The heat development remains within tolerable limits. In the warmest place after 60 minutes of asphalt 8 we could only measure 37 °. If you are looking for a power smartphone without compromise and with future security, here is right.

Antutu Point

You can buy Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 at Gearbest.com for $569.99

On the Mi Mix 2 runs the highly adapted Xiaomi own user interface called MIUI. On an App Drawer (overview page with all apps) one must renounce and all apps land on the home screens. To organize these apps into folders is easy with MIUI. The latest version of MIUI (9) is still in the beta phase. So the current Mi Mix 2 still runs with MIUI 8.5 on Android 7.1.1. The system runs perfectly smoothly and there are no BUGs available.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 with Global ROM

In the meantime, there is a so-called Global ROM with Google Playstore and German language for almost all Xiaomi devices after 1-2 months . This is also preinstalled by the shops, but you should read the product description carefully before buying. Currently the Mi Mix 2 is still delivered with the China Stable. On the China ROM you have to install the Google Playstore and the ROM is only in English. Downloaded apps can be used in German. We used our test device for 3 days with the China ROM and then changed to the Xiaomi.EU ROM. This is multilingual, all Google services (including playstore) are integrated and the ROM has further adjustments for Europe.To use the Xiaomi.EU ROM, you must first run a UNLOCK and then follow these instructions.


We already know the 12 megapixel Sony IMX386 sensor from Mi Max 2 , Xiaomi Mi6 and Xiaomi Mi Note 3 . The Mi Mix 2 supports a 4-axis optical image stabilization, which is especially useful for night shots and videos. The Mi Mix 2 has no dual camera, although Xiaomi is the king at Bokeh shots. Portrait shots with perfect background sharpness remain thus the Mi6, Mi reserve 3 and Mi A1 reserved.For videos, of course, a continuous autofocus is available, which works well but by far not perfect. Alternatively, tap-to-focus can be activated. Video recordings are possible in 4K at 30 FPS, 1080p with 60FPS is not available. The optical image stabilization also reliably calculates with 4K wobbler, but does not reach the level of an EIS stabilization of the Oneplus 5. The colors are strong, the dynamic range is high and also the detail number is excellent in 4K. Compared to the Mi Mix you can see a significant increase, especially the focus works here much better and also the stabilization is a treat. The recorded voice in videos is somewhat clipped by the noise-canceling microphone.

  • Night shooting
  • Daytime shooting

If you want to take photos, you can use the Pro mode, if necessary, all our test pictures have been recorded in the Auto mode, because these modes will use almost all. Firstly, I find it with all Xiaomi smartphones a pity that the Auto-HDR mode was removed, so you now always have to activate HDR extra. So I go personally many good pictures through the rags, since one this in practice rather seldom turns on. If you think at the right moment of power on, then the HDR mode makes a super job and the pictures are top. In good light conditions, Xiaomi has already reached the top level for a long time, and the Mi Mix 2 is no exception.The images are bursting with sharpness and detail. The color reproduction is pleasantly crisp and neither the autofocus nor the triggering time are perceptible. The 12 megapixel sensor has an f / 2.0 aperture and the problem remains the recordings in poor light conditions. From catastrophic recordings one is indeed far away, but the other flagships make simply in marked light conditions clearly better pictures.

  • Self-timer

As a front camera, Xiaomi relies on an Omnivision OV5675 sensor with “only” 5 megapixels. Here you can see once again that one can ignore the megapixel numbers of manufacturers, because the front camera Mi Mix 2 makes an excellent job. Selfies succeed in detail, sharp and color pleasantly matched. Xiaomi is progressing successively with the cameras to the front, but is still clearly in the stabilization as well as in bad light conditions Oneplus, Samsung and Apple. The superiority of the Mi 6 was evident in the so-called bokeh recordings (background sharpness in portrait pictures). Unfortunately, Xiaomi renounces Mi Mix 2 on the dual camera and can not bring this strength to effect.

Connectivity and communication

The Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 is a smartphone for worldwide use and, of course, supports dual SIM (2x Nano-SIM). The following network frequencies are supported:

  • 2G GSM 2/ 3 /5/ 8 2G: CDMA BC0, BC1, BC6, BC10
    3G: CDMA EVDO, BC0, BC1, BC6, BC10
    3G: WCDMA (UMTS) 1 /2/3/4/5/6/8/9/19 3G: TD-SCDMA 34/39
    4G: TD-LTE 34/38/39/40/41
    4G: LTE FDD- 1/2/ 3 /4/5/ 7 / 8 /12/13/17 18/19/ 20 /25/26/27/28/29/30

The SAR value (radiation value) of the Mi Mix 2 is at head: 0.390W / Kg and body: 1.770W / Kg. The reception strength was convincing in the test in the O2 as well as Telekom net completely. The quality of conversation is now much better than the predecessor, and is comparable to any other flagship. The voice is transmitted cleanly and loudly and the speaker can be used. A noise-canceling microphone is located at the top. The dual-band WIFI supports the current ac-standard and extends widely and constantly in the 2.4 and 5 GHz network. Latest Bluetooth 5.0 is also supported and works perfectly.

The auricle is used to create stereo sound with the loudspeaker at the bottom. The works great and the sound quality is up to 80% loudness peak. At 90-100% the sound distorts something. Nevertheless the sound quality and volume in the whole is very good. The stereosound makes itself in any case positively noticeable compared to a Oneplus 5 and Samsung S8.

What I miss is an infrared transmitter and a jack connector. Due to the lack of a jack connection, you also have to do without the FM radio. Otherwise there are of course NFC and OTG support. All known devices are installed on sensors. In addition to acceleration proximity and brightness sensors, a compass, gyroscope, pressure and Hall sensor (for smart envelopes) are available.

GPS reception is easy enough for everyday tasks. In particular, the compass works great in Google Maps. You can easily identify where you are and in which direction you have to run. Even in the car, there were never any interruptions. On the 300km long test track from Würzburg to Saarland, the navigation functioned perfectly.

Battery life

The pure battery size of the Mi Mix 2 shrinks to 3400 mAh compared to its predecessor. But also the display is 0.5 inches smaller and the processor is more energy efficient. This is also shown in practice and the Mi Mix 2 does not have to hide with the battery life. With a solid 10-hour running time in the Akkutest, the device also brings power users through the day without any problems.

In practice I had 2 sim cards in the device and both Bluetooth and GPS permanently activated. At 3-4 hours DOT (time with switched on display) brought me the device through every working day. Even with navigation and benchmarks, I had about 30: 30% juice. 5-6 hours active use over 2 days are always in it. The Mi Mix 2 supports, of course, Quick-Charge, but you have to do without Wireless Charging (Qi-Laden). So it goes fast from 20 to 100% in just 60 minutes. If you recharge in the middle, you get 20% of your batteries in 12 minutes.

Conclusion and alternative

Although the Mi Mix 2 is not so revolutionary as its predecessor, it has become a much better mobile phone in practice. The design is everyday, as is the size. Nevertheless, the device remains a real eye-catcher. The Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 has simply become a daily driver with very good performance in all categories.The latest reception standards such as dual-band ac-WIFI, Bluetooth 5.0, lots of sensors and LTE support for the whole world (of course also volume 20) know to convince. The enclosed case fits perfectly to the device and makes this handy. The display is large, sharp, colorful and the touch screen without flaw and blame. The camera makes great shots in good light conditions and can produce usable, stabilized videos. Also the selfies succeed, if one turns around the smartphone, super. I was afraid of the battery-time. Xiaomi reduces the battery by 1000mAh compared to its predecessor, nevertheless, the battery provides enough power for 2 days normal use and brings mobile phone junkies through the day.

If you are looking for an absolute premium smartphone with high-end hardware, the Mi Mix 2 will definitely be happy.

You can buy Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 at Gearbest.com for $439.99 use coupon mix2gbth


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